Gertie’s Garden Diary, August 2018 A Magical World ;-)


Gertie’s Garden Diary, August 2018
A Magical World ;-)

After its gross mistreatment by ‘yours truly’ the remnants of Tumbling Tom rewarded us with four very tasty little tomatoes.
The lovely, dripping Fuchsia bush seemed fully recovered from last year’s horrid infestation and was giving us more magnificent flowers than ever.
The prolific Geranium was much prettier after flowering, with its gorgeous colourful leaves.
As I pruned regularly, roses reappeared …..
… Blackberries ripened anew on a daily basis. They have been plentiful all month, leading to delicious blackcurrant and apple crumbles in the kitchen ….. crumbles which had to be eaten hot with cold, creamy ice cream. Am almost glad that they are coming to an end now as body-weight is increasing!! …. almost glad, but not quite!

Pretty, pink roses reappearing ….

Blackberries became regularly ripe every other day.

Squabbling Goldfinches shared with the Cock Chaffinch.

Robin accompanied us around the front garden, and the Inglenook.
I love the way he twizzles softly, to let us know that he waiting for worms?

Something, Ratty?[ I have seen one recently] dug a messy hole!

Early Lotte Reiniger-style morning reflections came later and later.
Colours were hot, bright, insistent!

A Crow Family preened and cawed on the chimney pots in blue sky.

Gertie’s Garden glowed green in the sunlight …..

… favoured bits often caught my eye.

By August 11th a second bean, stuck hopefully into the soil, was flowering well, but blooms were dropping off, leaving stalks, not nascent beans!

In the Front Room, raised bed, the first, black bean I planted began to produce beans, but they got tangled and the stem snapped off!

Maybe runner beans were not to be this year?
Meanwhile, Dom mended the Garden Shed roof, and I continued using the Sunroom space for seedlings and cuttings.

Time and again I weeded under the bird feeders; this time to plant one of three, new Clematis plants I ordered.

When I worked in the Front Room or the Inglenook, Robin accompanied me.

The Sunroom at the back of GG became a chaotic space filled with pots of sprouting seedlings, an ever-growing-taller beanstalk and three bird-sown sunflower seedlings which I transferred there when I found them.

It was mid-August, it was hot, GG was moving along. Indoors my main computer had crashed and was somewhere in Europe hopefully being recovered. Outdoors a vision of a three-roomed GG was slowly evolving and, despite the chaos, looking hopeful.

I systematically cleaned paths, scraping away moss. Together we cut out the winter-flowering Lornica that had crowded the currant shrubs.

I hopefully planted some old, sprouting ‘jacket’ potatoes, two per bag.

Pleased to see more Kerria blossom on a cutting and a second flush of little, red Strawberry flowers.

From this moon, at 05 25 on the 7th of August …..

… to this on August 19th at 20.38 ….. this was waxing.

… back again on31st August , at 07.10. … the photos show the correct orientation in the sky from where I viewed it, but having missed the views in between, am not sure which was waxing and which was waning. All I am clear about is that the sky was always clear and it was subsequently hot all day and all night long!!

Two thirds into August and Blackberries still thrive. There is the ‘last, loneliest pink Geranium’ and a wonderful. red Nasturtium climbs up into the Holly tree.

Plants are looking healthy; my special variegated Fuchsia has revived ….

… more roses are responding to careful pruning.

A few red Roses were still embraced by the Holly leaves and branches.

Familiar birds kept visiting, baby ones growing fast into adult plumage, and the young Goldfinches, un-pestered by their bully-boy family mates, really appreciated the larger feeding tray that Dom had fitted. So did I as it saved a good deal of littered seed waste underneath, on the path.

Beans formed at last, and big buds burgeoned on the bird-sown Sunflowers.

I fed the beanstalks weekly and they have responded with lots of beans!
The new Sunroom is currently a super ‘nursery end ‘ in GG.

Potatoes are peeping through in the grow-sacks, ready to be weeded and topped up; and Sunflower buds are beginning to open.

The last day of August: All was going smoothly. It was sometimes heavy work, shifting pots around and digging out unwanted bushes, but Dom was always there to help. The second, late-planted pink&black bean had made a tremendous come-back and was producing delicious Runner Beans

Papa Goldfinch had given up trying to keep the seeds all to himself and was tolerating baby Goldfinch … well maybe? …..

I rediscovered a Shield Bug, the first I had seen for a year, and fairly harmless.

Then, on closer inspection of the Fuchsia Bush on which the Bug was sitting …

Oh no!

It was a bush which last year had a nasty infestation of which I thought I had rid it .…. No such luck! It was back, as belligerent as ever and spreading fast!
Could it be the Green Shield Bug? ….. NO!
Karen pointed to Fuchsia Gall Mite, and she was right … thanks Karen.
The bush had grown so well and was so beautiful I was devastated to think that I would have to dig it up and lose it. Of course I can’t remember its name, but a search found advice on treatment which would allow me to possibly keep it after pruning off every affected twig, and I could take clean-looking cuttings as a safe-guard, and hope was reinstated.
So, onwards and upwards into September, Autumn, a lovely time of the year, and more beans and Blackberries to eat. Not bad after missing out on Springtime sowing and planting.

Anne ….. August 2018.

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  1. gertie says:

    I just wrote an apology for the crookedness on here, and that has gone too!!??? :-(
    This was very difficult to upload…and it’s not an area with which I normally have techie problems so something is awkward on the site :confused: :dunno:
    I am very sorry it’s so untidy here … but I dare not spend another two hours trying to fix it …it would probably get into an even bigger muddle … you get the idea anyway. Anne :rose:

  2. cilla says:

    It looks straight enough to me Anne and doesn’t detract from the photos of your lovely, lively garden :-) It is amazing how everything has had a “second coming” this year. My beans are flowering again too and we have nearly 30 goldfinches..messy little feeders :lol: You and Dom have really worked your socks off and being rewarded now with your flowers and produce. Next year will be exciting for you, waiting to see things appearing. Looking forward to the september bulletin :good:

  3. gertie says:

    Thank you Cilla :love:
    It has surprised me, not only how everything has had, as you put it, :-) a “second coming” but also, what you say about your Goldfinches too. They seem to be ‘on the rise’. I only wish Mummy had seen them…she loved watching the birds. :rose:

  4. gertie says:

    Thank you Jane :love:
    … and thank you again Karen, for straightening it out so perfectly … you are amazing :love: :clover: :rose:

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