The Village Show.

The pictures and sculptures were done by a long term resident of the village who is now, sadly, in a home. His daughters thought we might like to see them.

This is Chris who writes all the prize cards with a beautiful script.

This bear was donated and we had to give him a name….Aisling from our road won him….Basil…and fell in love with him immediately….Mum said she might sleep now if Basil goes to bed with her!

Some of the produce which was really good considering the weather we had.

My little friends who won several prizes for their handcrafts.

I wonder who grew these two prizewinning beans!!!

The front two are mine and the 1st at the back is Olivia’s…..the little girl in the photo.

2nd for 3 stems ….cosmos.

My pumpkin arrangement.

Some of the other flower entries.

Weighing the potato in a bucket competition and the church plant and produce stand.

Tea time.

And, finally, our local MP Nicky Morgan, who’s son collected a 1st and 3rd for chutneys.

It was a lovely day and really well attended, I wish you could all have been there.

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  1. Well done Cilla :rose:
    It does look like a fun day and street way to bring a village together. :good:

  2. mick1970 says:

    Small village life can’t be beaten. I do like to the church coffee morning’s and the older generation giving talks on the area tea and cakes afterwards proper home baking

  3. VegVamp says:

    This is brilliant Cilla, what a wonderful village you have and they all make such an effort. :good: Well done you on your wins as well. :-)

    • cilla says:

      It is the fourth year Karen and great to see all the different entries. We need to keep the village hall going so all these activities do just that. Really chuffed with my beans :lol: and I can now start picking the next lot to eat!

  4. Beanstew says:

    This is just a lovely glimpse of life in your village, Cilla – and I do agree wholeheartedly with Mick about village life. It can’t be beaten. Must say I think your arrangement with the pumpkin is brilliant and original, and a well-deserved winner – but I expected nothing less…..

  5. gertie says:

    Really enjoyed my visit to your show last night Cilla … I think that you did too :lol: :rose:

  6. cilla says:

    Glad you enjoyed it Anne……did you manage to get tea and cake? ;-) :-)

  7. Fabulous, Cilla and well done, you, for your entries :dance: Lovely lot of colour throughout the hall :good:

  8. Allan says:

    Did you will the longest bean Cill ? Must be nice to have a small village show like that,It must bring the community together. :good:

  9. cilla says:

    I got 1st and 2nd with the longest bean Al….and it is all thanks to you… :-) :rose:

  10. Allan says:

    Look after the seeds Cill, 23’’ is the best I could do this year. :rose:

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