Country Park Walks ….. Autumn

Country Park Walks ….. Autumn.

It’s Autumn and we have begun our regular walks again. For the past three days we have walked around a favourite venue, South Norwood Country Park. It is just beginning to look Autumnal, but what struck me were the number of trees that were very dry, and many frizzled up Blackberries which just didn’t plump up and make it in the long, hot Summer.

Despite this concern, the park trees still hold their magic and the low, afternoon sun plays light and shadows over the grasses, fields and paths.

Earth and water reflect the trees and sky.

There were deep red berries on Hawthorn and Mountain Ash trees, and pinks and lime greens around the Spindle Berries.

Dandelion heads were fluffy spheres and Thistles had become tufty, soft brushes.

I spotted a few dragonflies and butterflies too.

Loved the Teasels and wild flowers allover the place; colours were wonderful.

Words of John Keats inevitably come to mind ….. ‘Seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ ….. I still seek the mists, but have found mellow fruitfulness in the colours and textures of trees, fields and lanes.

Anne ….. September, 2018.

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  1. VegVamp says:

    Lovely set of Photos Anne, with gorgeous Autumn colours. :good: Hope the knees are “holding up” ok for your return to walking? :rose:

  2. gertie says:

    :-) Thank you on both counts Karen …. so far, so good :good:
    I am always particularly wowed by the Autumn palette…it makes me want to paint and write poetry…if only we could just buy these talents at a supermarket :mad: :silly: :rose: :clover:

  3. cilla says:

    A perfectly lovely walk Anne, beautiful flora and fauna and, as you say, the lovely Autumn light. I doubly enjoyed it as I missed my walk today, thank you. :rose:

  4. Allan says:

    It’s surprising the effect berries have on the wild birds,I used to breed goldfinches and bullfinches a long time ago, The blackberries used to give the bullfinches a dark cap and the deep brown body colour of the hens,the mountain ash would give cockbirds the red chest,If you didn’t give them the wild food they would be a washed out colour. When I see the Rowan berries ,It makes me think of bullfinches,And thistle heads ready to disperse remind me of the bags of them I used to collect for the goldfinches.,Wish I could still do the walks, :rose:

    • gertie says:

      That’s fascinating Allan. :-) .. I nearly brought home some Teasel heads today, but wasn’t sure of the legal aspects, so will content myself with those growing apace in GG :-) :
      I had no idea that you bred those wild birds….how amazing :shout: and how wonderful :good: :rose:

  5. A lovey walk Anne, with so much colour. You must be very quick with your camera to catch the dragon flies&butterfly’s.
    I have noted the amount of berries on the bushes around us, they are loaded, the birds shouldn’t go hungry :good:
    Glad the knee is behaving it’s self :good: :rose:

  6. gertie says:

    Thanks Lynn … yes, as you say, the berry bushes are loaded!! and the colours so deep and vibrant; the deepest colours I ever remember.
    As for being quick … :lol: you should see the ones I missed and discarded :lol:
    The knee is NOT behaving so nicely today but I shall ignore it and hope it ‘goes away :devil: :rose: :rose:

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