I So Love This Park!

I So Love This Park!

Our walk on Wednesday morning took us into the park from the Love Lane side, and across the Tram tracks, but soon we were back to familiar paths bordered by ageing autumn plants and the beginnings of autumn colour.

Following, is a simple, chronological collection of pictures that caught my eyes as we walked through the park again … autumnal fecundity!

I am reminded of those wonderful photographs one sees in photographic magazines of ancient faces of elderly men or women earnestly portrayed by the photographer as expressions of accumulated beauty in old age, [never mind the wrinkles we women all moan about!]

… am enthralled by all those swathes of Michaelmas Daisies … Okay, Asters!

… and on the route towards home, we noticed that the greens were gradually turning to the fierier colours of Autumn.

Anne ….. September 26th, 2018.

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  1. Love the common darter, Anne – we’ve had them around here for the last couple of days, too :good:

  2. gertie says:

    Aha! thanks Jane…it’s the third kind of Dragonfly thang I’ve seen in the park over the past fortnight …. which, considering the lack of stream waters of any depth, was quite amazing! … Maybe a smattering of rain during the week helped. :rose:

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