A Big Thank You to Allan

Last year I saved my runner bean seeds from Allan but they developed mould and had to be thrown away.

Allan @ronvalley kindly sent me a new batch in the post and these were sown rather later than usual due to our cold snap in spring.

I usually sow in deep pots or root trainers but Allan sowed the original ones he gave to me on the top of the compost in a seed tray so I thought I would try growing them both ways.

From this I found that the ones in deeper pots germinated quicker, but that with the surface sown ones that the germination rate was more successful.

Due to our poor spring I did not get a chance to do a proper runner bean trench so I had to transplant them to the vegetable patch with just some home made compost dug into the soil towards the end of May just as the summer heat started to set in.

Whilst the fantastic summer we had was very welcome it did however start to take its toll on the watering front with everything needing watering almost every day but it also ensured that I fed everything on a regular basis too, so the runner beans were given low nitrogen feed on a regular basis which helped to make up for the lack of a proper bean trench.

The beans grew well and produced a good crop which we always enjoy, but to get to my real point of thanking Allan……

I had noticed that there was a competition being run by Mr Fothergill’s seeds for the longest runner bean and thought why not give it a go, so I did, and thank’s to Allan’s fantastic beans I came 2nd with a runner bean measuring 24″ / 61 cm, so a very big thank you Allan, your beans are not only tasty but winners too


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  1. gertie says:

    Brilliant :dance: :lol: Bravo Ali :good: I sowed late myself, without much hope of catching up, but we have had lovely runners as always, thanks to Allan …. must admit tho’ my longest was only 16.5 ” long :lol: :rose:

  2. VegVamp says:

    What a result, well done Ali, :good: the Rhondda Blacks are travelling far and wide all over the uk. :lol:

  3. Allan says:

    Only too glad to help,My friend in Canada did well with them this year as well.Also Cilla had a first and second prize with the beans in her local show.

  4. Beanstew says:

    Could not agree more about Rhonnda Blacks – they are a terrific bean which I was growing again this year with seed provided by my brother in Glos. Unfortunately, they were such sturdy plants that my poorly constructed support collapsed, and they became hideously tangled up. But I am emboldened (in view of Ali’s 24″ and Allan’s 27″) to suggest perhaps we should have a Rhonnda Black competition for Clickers next year, for the longest bean? What do you think?

  5. cilla says:

    Well done Ali and Al. Mine only reached 22inches this year but they were longer than anyone else’s :lol: I must pod them now and see what the beans look like.

  6. AliCat says:

    Thank you everyone, it’s Allan’s beans that are the winners :-)

  7. karenp says:

    They are a fantastic bean and now my neighbour up the plot are growing them too :good:

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