Gertie’s Garden, October 2018

Gertie’s Garden, October 2018

Clear nights, and a modicum of rain, plus fairly warm weather has left GG with plenty of colourful blossoms to offset what I have perceived as a reluctant and fleeting Autumn here around London.

Roses bloomed afresh and Freckles has blossomed. Nasturtiums are late.

By week three some green leaves are yellowing: roses bloom anew … regular pruning kept them flourishing. I will cut them right down at the best time … must find out exactly when that is!

Heuchera leaves are always pretty

Nasturtiums, late because I sowed them late, are lovely reds this year.

On October 24th, there was a Full/Hunters’/Poachers’ Moon.

Of course, Squidge, fat little critter! Thinks that the new bird feeder is there solely for his/her pleasure! ….. that squirrel is getting fat!

When we went away for a week most of the bird feeders ran out of food and on our return, there were few birds in GG; but they came back within a week, after we re-filled everything. Robin is there always, as soon as I go out.

Next job before Winter is to trim and tie back the long Blackberry runners along Dom’s shed and over an arch, yet to be found or constructed. For now though, I just enjoy the changing leaf colours.

Anne ….. October, 2018.

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  1. gertie says:

    Cilla/Jane, could you please tell me if what I think is Camomile is indeed Camomile? maybe so-called German Camomile? The leaf on this ‘weed’ which I am propagating in GG has fatter lobes than the low-growing lawn Camomile that I am used to. This one has lovely, bushy flowers, and I am wondering if I can use it to make tea from it … .just a thought :rose:

  2. cilla says:

    Your garden is a riot of colour Anne, some gorgeous fuchsia and roses. I love that squirrel, cheeky monkey :lol: We haven’t seen squirrels for awhile but the woman behind our house admitted that she catches them and a chap she knows despatches them. I think she also destroys house martens nests…..and her a pillar of the community who volunteers for the Nat.Trust :confused: You can reduce your shrub roses and other roses to reduce windrock but don’t hard prune floribunda and hybrid teas until march time.

  3. cilla says:

    Whoops……sorry, I don’t know if that is chamomile but Jane is the wildflower expert, she may know.

  4. Sorry, also meant to say you’ve got lots of lovely colour, Anne :-) My nasturtiums haven’t flowered yet :confused:

  5. gertie says:

    Crikey Jane, I thought that mine were late as I sowed ’em late … it’s been a very odd year in all sorts of ways, both mondial and personal :confused:
    Thanks again, both of you :love: :love: :rose: :rose:

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