Saltram House Grounds Plymouth

As some of you know the OH and I visited Plymouth last weekend and while there we visited Saltram House and Grounds. It was a beautiful sunny day, though bitterly cold, but the grounds were lovely. I’ll do another blog about the house visit and some info on it, but for now I’ll let the grounds speak for themselves.

Not the best time of year for borders but there was still some gorgeous colour.

The Church (and more importantly that tree!).

A secluded spot behind the Church.

I’d have loved to have seen this Rhodo in flower!

Some wonderful trees on route to …….

The Orangery

They still had all the Orange and Lemon trees out, and I was surprised to find blossom still on some, as well as a butterfly.

More beautiful trees.

Down another path to a Folly.

Back round a different route. I just loved all the trees.

We came back out just down from the Orangery to this glorious colour.

Beautiful grounds to walk in if you are ever near plymouth.

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  1. cilla says:

    Thank you for that tour of the gardens, Karen, it looks beautiful. plenty of flowers there and I love the trees. That orangery looks fabulous. I can’t see us getting down there but you never know.The red admirals must be the last butterflies to make an appearance, they seem quite hardy, lovely photos and looking forward to the house tour :-)

    • VegVamp says:

      Glad you enjoyed it honey, especially after all the tours you have done for me. :rose: I was very impressed with the grounds, though unfortunately they had some areas blocked off as they are doing some work, but the trees were wonderful. Trying to get some of the history facts sorted out for the house tour, but will leave doing it till tomorrow as it takes forever to upload photos on our broadband, even with me making them smaller. ;-) Hope you’ll be feeling loads better soon Cilla. :rose:

  2. Allan says:

    Nice place K.You caught it before the frost. :good:

  3. gertie says:

    Gorgeous trees Karen …. what a lovely walkabout! I loved the glimpses of red, red Virginia Creeper and the autumn-colours creeping in. :clover: :rose:

  4. A lovely walkabout Karen, the colours this year are really beautiful and vibrant. Glad you managed some sort of garden time :clover:

  5. Fab trees, as you say Karen – I wish I’d been into gardens when I lived there! Glad you managed to see the place and share it with us :rose:

  6. Hayley says:

    Fabulous trees and colour K :-) although I still think a little behind what it should be this time of year. I found that in New Englandland too as they had experienced a very hot summer and relatively mild autumn.

  7. dixon says:

    Lovely pics Karen, loved the tree lined path. :good:

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