Autumn Colours in Town 2018.

Autumn Colours in Town 2018.

In Gertie’s Garden and surrounding views …..

… to walks past suburban gardens and remnants of old woods; …..
… trees and shrubs are at last, donning [ and quickly shedding ] autumn garb and shouting out their colours to all who pass by in the urban streets, giving us a welcome taste of the countryside!

Autumn gives us magical colours.

Anne ….. November 201

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  1. dixon says:

    Smashing colours gertie, a special time of year. :-)

  2. Love the robin pic, it’s so clear :good:
    The colours are stunning this year, I read that this is due to the lovely summer as the trees made more sugars etc so the colours are more vibrant.

  3. gertie says:

    :good: that’s right, and although it’s turned up latish and brief, this Autumn is gorgeous :rose:

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