After Just a Week, A Golden Walk!

After Just a Week, A Golden Walk!

From the now bare Horse Chestnut seen from the kitchen window, to the autumn rug of fallen leaves at the park entrance, we walked into a golden world.

We turned first to the lake-side just as a Heron was swooping across to catch a whopping great fish, which I think he may have dropped, as he tried to stun it prior to eating it! ….. It was a long way off to see clearly.

We left Heron standing and carried on around the lake to another side …..

… leaving behind glimpses of gold in the green, but finding more gold ahead.

Below, jewelled offerings from brambles, and late bloomers …..

Above and ahead, gold against the grey sky, a resident Magpie, and …

… lakeside rushes and willows.

Above the lake I heard cries and screams from a gull chasing a crow. Gulls own the sand ridge in the lake, where many fish swim in the shallow water.

Over the far side we saw heron again, still standing majestic and tall in the lee of overhanging branches, with Magpie …

,, ..… away from the lake, back to the main path; enfolded in a golden wonderland.

Water flowed with satisfyingly robust sound, and golden leaves gradually took on rosier tones.

It began to rain, smudging the camera lens, so we began to smart-walk our way back to the car, waiting outside, envying a little, an old dog on the pushchair!

On the way out, I snook into the beautiful woods to pick up more littered cans. A Magpie lives in here, but that’s another story.

Anne ….. 09.11.2

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  1. shedsue says:

    Autumn in all its’ve captured it beautifully Anne :good:

  2. gertie says:

    Thanks Susie… it was a lovely walk, even when it began to mizzle :lol: :rose:

  3. cilla says:

    Everywhere is beautiful at the moment Anne and we can’t go far without trying to capture it on camera :-) Lovely photos again and I love the heron, thanks for sharing :-)

  4. gertie says:

    Thank you Cilla … it is so lovely, even more so when the sun shines through/on the leaves. I look forward to your next pictures…don’t think that Autumn will last for long this year, after two fleeting try-outs, so we must catch what we can. :-) :rose:

  5. All very nice, Anne! Love that final tree photo :good:

  6. gertie says:

    :-) It’s always there at the exit through which we go Jane … signals the end of our walk, until the next one :lol: :rose:

  7. Yewbarrow says:

    great pics Anne as usual, it has been an amazing autumn, sort of fits and starts up here, not all the trees turning at the same time so it seems to have gone on for ages

  8. gertie says:

    Thank you Jenny … and exactly right about the fits and starts … same here. I really thought it was done and dusted, but then we saw the brightening trees once more….love it :-) I bet it’s even lovelier in your neck of the woods … good luck with everything this month :good: :love: :rose:

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