Cars and Trees.

Cars and Trees.

Jojo Ted and Tiny Tot Ted were going out to help Jann Louis to buy a car!

It was a dull morning, but Autumn was busy, painting trees along the route. All around them along the roads were bright splashes of yellows, golds and greens, until they reached a place where dozens of cars stood still and silent in leaf-litter-free, grey parking areas. …Their little car found a rare, free space.’ and parked too.

Teds and friends headed for a pair of large, glass doors, which opened into an enormous, shiny hall. Here were even more cars standing around: a BMW family that gleamed under a ceiling which twinkled with radiating lines of lights.

There in the big, shiny hall, they sat, drank coffee with their people friends until Jojo could resist no longer, the temptation to look closer … wow!

Tiny Tot meanwhile, had found a Ted-sized red model she fancied the look of!

There was also a black one, where the sun roof design took her fancy!

Tiny Tot Ted called to Jojo to come and look. Together they said “Hi!” to a large Plush which was looking after the models, keeping them clean and shiny. He told them all about the cars and how technologically magnificent they were.

After a ride on a BMW scooter, the Teds went outside to look at the other shiny cars. They found a silver-grey one which called itself “Best Friends Forever” They liked it. It had a big, smiley face and they chatted, before going for a walk through the car park to gaze at the trees around the perimeter …..

… and weren’t those trees lovely!

The Teds then had a close look at the beautiful leaves on young Oaks, by the Maple-leaf-littered grass, before returning to the grey car park.

“Juicy-looking berries for the birds as well!” drooled Jojo wishing that he could savour them too.

Reluctantly, they left the Oaks and went back to the Showroom.

There, little had changed so they returned to the Plush and chatted some more. Plush was pleased to talk and told them all about his super job in the BMW Showroom; but sadly, he couldn’t allow them to test-drive his model cars.

After more coffee, and another long wait for some technology to sort itself out, Teds, remembering their chosen car …..

… and their beautiful Oak trees …

… waved “Au revoir!” to two of their family, who drove away happily in the BFF.

It was also time for them to leave, so Teds tucked themselves back into their little car and headed homewards through the fog on the Motorway, spotting more autumnal colours through the car windows en route.

The little Teds spotted some beautiful shapes and colours, as fog slowly lifted.

As soon as two tired little Teds arrived home they got out their toy cars and had a game with them, starry lights twinkling around them.

“We have cars and twinkling lights here at the C.P.Pads!” said Jojo.
“Yes, and we have our own lovely Turkey Oak outside, too.” answered Tiny Tot …

… and Jann Louis has his new BMW_BFF.

Anne ….. 16.11.2018

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  1. I really love your oak leaf photos, Anne :good: It amazes me where you manage to sit your teds to live your stories – I suppose if someone is buying a BMW, the sales team isn’t going to argue with a few pics as long as you’re not dressing the teds in hobnail boots :lol:

  2. gertie says:

    :giggle: Have reached the shameful stage where I’ll have a go at anywhere if it fits Jane ;-)
    Anyway, you could argue that it’s good sales advertising for BMW ? not that it’s meant to be :silly:
    Am in love with Oak trees this year :love: ;-)

  3. Beanstew says:

    Absolutely mind-boggling where these Teds manage to get to. I won’t be remotely surprised if they turn up in Buckingham Palace one day polishing Her Majesty’s tiaras…..

    • gertie says:

      Not one to duck a challenge Sheila, but I don’t think that Her Majesty would allow me to take a few Teds to meet her, not even to polish her tiaras…and I expect that they are well cleaned by her loyal staff anyway and those cleaners would chase us out in indignation…can you imagine….Teds scurrying across the royal floors with Peops chasing them and our dear Queenie scowling from her throne! :rose:

  4. cilla says:

    :lol: I can’t wait for that day Bean. Those bears certainly get around, cheek of the devil, they have :-)

  5. dixon says:

    I’ve seen some great colours in the oaks and beech trees this year gertie. :good:

  6. gertie says:

    Aren’t they gorgeous Dixon :-) :rose:

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