Ted News.

Ted News.

On December 5th, two newcomers to the Crystal Palace Pads, Fanny and George, visited Orlanda, an old friend of Anne’s.

“But no, Dear readers, I get ahead of myself, so let us start at the beginning of this Tale.” ….. Following a visit to a big BMW automobile garage in autumnal suburbs outside London …..

… Jojo Ted and Tiny Tot became very enthusiastic about playing with their new toy collection of cars. Can you guess which one Tiny Tot liked best?

In the Pads Garden Foxley, [Head Gardener with Hedgeley,] and Green man were discussing gardening ideas for next season; ideas that they would later share with Hedgeley and the Green Gardening Teds.

Around them, Teds were admiring the colourful Pumpkins grown this year, for their Hallowe’en fun and winter soups.

Hedgeley was pleased with the big, orange Pumpkin …..

… and even more pleased with the cabbages they had grown in the Raised Bed.

The Teds harvested them carefully, and Foxley joined them and said how well they had all done. It was that day that George, CPTed, arrived at the Pads.

George quickly made friends with Jojo and Tiny Tot. They found a bright autumn Sycamore leaf and sat on it for hours chatting to each other.

They collected Spindle Berries to decorate the Pads, when they took walks together in the parks. The Teds liked Autumn with its beautiful colours.

Then, a few days later, when every Ted thought that the best harvesting was over, Hedgeley produced his big surprise: … it was very big indeed, and beautiful! “That’s a Show winner!” exclaimed Green Man admiringly.

Hot on the heels of the giant cabbage surprise came a small newcomer: you met her already, with George, and here they are again at Orlanda’s house.

There they made new acquaintances, like ‘BlueThing’ who played with the cat.

The cat was a soft, fluffy black and white creature, who loomed and sniffed over them, but declined to play.
”Phew!” muttered George, pale but breathing again!

The four Teds, soon firm friends, liked going out to parks together. They especially enjoyed a visit to the Lake Park; but that’s another Tale.

Anne ….. December, 2018.

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  1. Lovely ted tale Anne, the cabbages looked impressive too!, you might have another to write soon

  2. a kaleidoscope
    a CP menagerie
    the Teds rule OK

  3. gertie says:

    :good: Nice one Jane … thank you :love: :rose:

  4. cilla says:

    Yet again those teds are having a ball :-) I shall look forward to hearing the garden news when they have planned it and, yes, that is an impressive cabbage :good:

  5. gertie says:

    Yip, they’re a happy, busy bunch of furry critters Cilla :lol: ;-) :rose:

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