Gertie’s Garden, December, 2018.

Gertie’s Garden, December, 2018.

On St. Andrew’s Day, the last day of November 2018, there was sunshine through the hedge into GG as Goldfinches fed on their Niger seeds; a Wood Pigeon basked in the sunshine, and one of the many fat Squirrels ran towards me straight along the new fence, when I opened the back door: …. daft thing! It could just as easily stay wolfing food on the side of the garden shed; it’s much further away!

The early days of December showed blooms, buds and berries in the garden.
By the 17th, there was a sunshiny mix of fresh green growth and blooms and rosy autumnal leaves and berries.

I noticed how most of the many red berries on the Holly tree, seemed suddenly to have disappeared … eaten, no doubt, by birds twittering and fluttering through the Holly branches. There have been, Goldfinches, Robin, Great, Blue, Long-tailed and Coal Titmice, plus Starlings galore: also Pigeons and Blackbirds: but I haven’t noticed any Sparrows, Redwings or Fieldfares.

When we returned from our Christmas holiday with the Somerset Family, the budding Hellebores, the leaves of which I had trimmed before we went, were blooming lovely!

There are still colourful leaves …..

… and many flowers and buds dotted about, some seasonal, some not so!

It is unseasonably warm for December, and I can only wonder if it really is the effect of Global Warming which is creeping into the changing garden habits.

Many buds on a none-too-healthy-looking Camelia!

… Beautiful sprigs of Lonicera .  …

… and ever-climbing Kerria!

At a time, when I do little but feed the birds, furtle around roots, or sweep littered paths, bemoaning the decay all around, determined to leave the garden in peace for a winter rest, all sorts of strange shapes and colours keep popping up to surprise me. GG is still very much awake!

Despite the thoughtless efforts of workmen mending the concrete path,[ after Downstairs’ Gas leak,] throwing my pots and pieces onto the apparently bare soil, new shoots are coming through for the Spring.

Even though it’s cold, untidy and messed up by defecating Birds, digging Rat?/s? and delightfully ravenous acrobatic Squirrels, it has promise for Spring and I have plans.

Meanwhile, will January bring snow?

We shall see ….. you never know !

Anne ….. end of December 2018.


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  1. cilla says:

    You certainly have lots in the garden which obviously doesn’t know it is supposed to be winter! Those hellebores are lovely colours and I can smell the winter honeysuckle from here ;-) …..or perhaps that is mine outside the window :lol: I have a clematis in bloom too, ridiculous :confused: I guess your microclimate down in London helps too. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your lovely garden, a lovely peaceful start to the day :-)

  2. Morning Anne, your garden really is a mini microclimate,so many blooms and foliage for December, lovely This time last year we had already had snow and a couple of hard frosts, no repeat so far??? This is a good time to plan for next year. :rose:

  3. gertie says:

    It’s interesting Lynn, and by keeping these picture diaries I can make comparisons and plan more widely ;-) :rose:

  4. Tubs says:

    Always nice to see your garden. I had fuchsia gall mite when it first came out a few years ago. The bush was cut down to ground level and everything sent to council tip, Mulched around base The tiny mite lives on the bush over winter and pops up again next year.. I got rid of it

  5. gertie says:

    Hi Tubs, thanks.
    I have been gradually cutting off more and more of the bush , but there are still signs of mite and have come to the conclusion that I must cut it all down and bin it! Did your bush actually re-grow? :rose:

  6. Tubs says:

    Yes and well, it has gone now dug up, replaced front border with gravel but noticed last year a new shoot coming up so must have regrown from bit of root left underground. Over the years I have often cut them back to ground level in early spring to give new lease .of life .

  7. gertie says:

    Oh Good. I cut mine down to under the last infected buds today was spreading to a different Fuchsia next to it so I cut that down too.
    My next ‘cutting job’ is to hard prune the old roses ,,, am wondering about the best time in these muddled seasons. Thanks Tubs :rose:

  8. Len says:

    beautiful pictures anne. :good:

  9. gertie says:

    Thanks Len :-) I love those birds and flowers :rose:

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