Gertie’s Garden January, 2019

Gertie’s Garden January, 2019

Little Robin, looking a bit scruffy, spotted me turning earth and worms, out of bags as I collected the last of a few small potatoes grown more by luck than judgement, in the green bags. The tops had died off, so they would not grow any more. Some nice dark earth emerged to cover the new-to-be-plot, plus a few tasty-looking little potatoes for supper!

After dull start it was a fresh, bright day.

Robin got some fresh fat balls, and I came indoors as the sky darkened.

02.01.19There was a new Hellebore this morning; the white with the maroon spots.

Mid-afternoon we cut back low, infected Fuchsias, in an attempt to eradicate the Fuchsia mite.
03.01.19 … A typical quick view through the double glazing, of an empty fat-balls feeder and birds hidden in the hedge, this time glossy Winter Starlings!

January 5th 2019.
This morning, Woody Woodpecker turned up on the bird feeder! … or as Cilla pointed out, Woody’s mate perchance?

Also, I spotted two squirrels together; one running along the fence by the garage roof and the other high up in the Turkey Oak. A big relief as both Dom and I thought that someone had possibly done away with them, as we hadn’t seen them for over half a week. I guess filling up their feeder by the garden shed again had something to do with it!.
It has been dank and cloud-covered all day; slightly warmer than yesterday; a good day for dismantling the Christmas tree and taking down cards.
06.01.19 Hurrah! Saw four squirrels, the family, out today. They still ran along the fence towards me from their feeder, silly things, as I was on the balcony watering the undressed Christmas tree. You should see them go!
07.01.19 … Dreich as they say in Scotland!
08.01.19 … A much brighter day which Goldfinches are enjoying …..

09.01.19 The day started bright and cold and I could have stayed asleep for a long, long lie-in, but at 8 o’clock the ‘phone dragged us out from the cosy covers! It was one of three [this morning] scam calls, [that’s 4 so far this week!!!] and it put an end to cosiness! The sun is struggling to peer through the clouds, and we are getting only glimpses of yesterday’s blue sunniness, but it has urged me to get to grips once more on taking control out there. Apart from tidying and refilling feeders, I have let GG rest, go fallow if you like, for a short period. Hellebores are thriving, and numerous flowers have forgotten what time of the year it is and are merrily blooming and budding. Today, however, I feel the need to own the garden again, and I think it’s the sunshine calling me outside! 
A cloud of pretty Long-tailed Titmice have been fluttering and feeding around the fat balls in the hedge, along with some smart, glossy Pirates, and Coal Titmice. A big, fat Pigeon is strutting about, tidying up the path around Blue Hill; but I haven’t seen the Collared Doves for a long while. Squirrels have already emptied the peanut section of their feeder and scurried along the fence back to their Turkey Oak!

10.01.19 ….. Big, fat pigeon was back again this morning

11.01.19 … Today I realised that a plant I had been growing in a pot was not Teazel, but a bird-sown type of Sunflower!! How daft can I get?!

There have been many small titmice of various sorts today, including these beauties.

An Elephant’s Ears, Bergenia, is blooming well ….. Elephant-eared saxifrage (Bergenia cordifolia)

Then I found fungus on the rotting wood stumps and bird-faeces-bespattered Black Grass around Blue Hill! … Jelly Ear? Orange peel? Some sort of Aleuria Aurantia? …

I came in as Robin was singing cheerily up in the Holly branches.

12.01.19, Saturday.
Outside doing a ‘photo shoot’ for a friend’s 70th , we were serenaded merrily by Robin up in the Holly again! ….. Look at him go! He watched the camera too!

A cutting of Kerria, planted last year is again flowering. It’s in a sheltered pot under the trees.

Winter flowers on, and GG is coping by itself, which is just as well.

Have managed to prune out the dead wood from the Blackberry runners and must get the remaining ones tied back and sorted out by the end of next week. Will leave the rose pruning until Spring. Tonight I took a few flash-lit pics of an opening Camellia bud, and Tulips pushing up through shells!! Strong or what!

Friends Maria and Bobs came for a photo-shoot; maybe for Maria’s 70th next week?
13.01.2019 … Today has been fairly mild and blowy. The Camellia is blossoming. Some Bellis daisies are acquiring more colour.

I am leaving the leaves for a bit longer for birds and worms to flourish.
There’s a pretty pink rose unfolding over Dom’s shed but it’s too windy to get a good picture.
NB. *Allan advises that leaving just a few Blackberry runners will enable the plant to produce bigger, juicier and more berries.
Tina advises that the roses’ Black Spot is in the soil and the only way to get rid of it is dig out the plants completely, but I don’t yet want to lose them, so …..

That was mostly, a gentle first few weeks of January 2019, in Gertie’s Garden.
Anne ….. 12.01.2019 ……………………… ‘Up the Eagles!’ CPFC  …..

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  1. Fabulous diary, Anne and lovely bird photos! Very impressed with your spuds, too :good:

  2. dixon says:

    Great diary gertie, my starlings seem to have disappeared. :confused:

  3. gertie says:

    Thanks Dixon …That’s a shame about your Starlings , such pretty little pirates ;-) It’s so mild, that they’ll be back, especially if you go on feeding them ;-) :rose:

  4. cilla says:

    Lovely birds and flowers Anne. Only one pigeon, lucky you, we have counted 14 at a time and they gobble up anything on the lawn and elsewhere :-( If you sowed seds from bird niger seeds that is the flower you get. It used to puzzle me too :confused: I have a robin that sits in the holly and serenades me when I go out to the car. You have a lovely mix of flowers in your garden. Talking of disappearing squirrels, the woman over the wall from us catches them in a trap and gives them to a man to despatch :-( And I met a newcomer to the village who says he has squirrels raiding his bulbs and is going to shoot them……he won’t be on my friend list.

  5. gertie says:

    Nor would they be on mine Cilla ! Beastly peops! :shout: :angry:
    Thank you however, for the info on the niger seed flower … It didn’t occur to me!! I am amazed that there aren’t more … the fallen seeds drop and sprout all over the place ! Proper weeding can be hell! :lol:

  6. gertie says:

    I have been quite surprised to see only one, fat pigeon recently, there are usually at least two, and haven’t seen the Collared |Doves either for a while … maybe they think it’s Spring. :rose:

  7. Len says:

    great pictures anne. keep looking after that robin. you know what i mean. :lol:

  8. gertie says:

    :lol: Haha Len :lol: Don’t worry, yours will be okay; All the other allotment holders will be kind to it until you are on your feet again :good: :-) :rose:

  9. Ginnybean says:

    Lovely pics….. Mainly Starlings and Sparrows are what I get to my feeders….. My Daughter had to stop feeding as she was plagued by Rats… She still gets a good variety of birds though…… and Squirrels which are lovely to watch…

    • gertie says:

      Thank you Ginny :-) … It’s lovely to ‘see’ you again.
      You are so fortunate to still have sparrows .Apart from occasional Dunnocks, I don’t see them any more around here and I miss their friendly chattering around the house eaves. I agree with you whole-heartedly re the Squidges,,,they are amazing and so acrobatic and cheeky! :rose:

  10. gertie says:

    Even in the cold of Winter Mick :good: :lol: :rose:

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