Muddy Walk.

Muddy Walk.

Last Sunday, looking through the bedroom windows, I spotted crows in the Turkey Oak. Later the sun invited us to go for a walk in the Nature Park … “Should we wear boots or stout shoes?” we opted for shoes…..big mistake! Most of the frozen anything had been melted by the morning sunshine and the paths were muddy and slippery. At first it was look down, tread carefully and stay upright… so much for enjoying Nature and fresh air. I was a bit peeved and it took a while to get into the normal enjoyment of this Park: but it crept up on me nonetheless. I took a few photos. ….. A dull and muddy beginning …..

… Was every drop of snow or ice melted?

No! There were still frosty edges to greenery in shady corners.

Dom strode on apace, whilst I searched hopefully for something to lift my spirits in the mostly rather dull, slumbering landscape.

Ah! Golden Hazel Catkins! Then, in the distance, more gold glowing in the sun.

After reaching that glorious gold, I was ready to go home: but no! He had gone around the corner, back through the mud, and along the short path overlooking the lake from the north side.

The lake was still mostly frozen over.

After another mesmeric view of gulls in late afternoon sunlight, …..

… and glowing Pampas grass, we turned homewards.

Anne: … February 3rd 2019.

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  1. gertie says:

    Thanks Danny … it turned out to be quite a nice walk after all :rose:

  2. Worth going on the walk as the photos aren’t as ‘dull’ as you felt out there, Anne ;-) The water pics are lovely :-)

  3. cilla says:

    They are lovely sunny photos Anne and, as Jane said, great water pics :-)

  4. gertie says:

    Thank you Cilla…I took lots more but put just a few here … the birds slipping off the edge of the frozen ledge , then climbing back up again, were fascinating to watch. :good: :-) :rose:

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