Gertie’s Garden, February to March 2019.

Gertie’s Garden, February to March 2019.

16th February … and the Marsh Titmouse is back , haunting the hedgerow.

Great titmouse came as well and seemed to be enjoying both seeds and the new fatty pellets.

Feb 19th was another sunny day and Marsh Titmouse was becoming a regular visitor, as, of course, are the Goldfinches.

The 19th also saw Coal Titmouse, Starlings a *Wren* and a Pigeon, amongst others I no doubt missed as I don’t twitch from Dawn to Dusk. ….. *so pleased!*

That evening also saw the advent of a Snow Moon, but with no snow here.

Robin was foraging around Blue Hill, and I snapped him but he was quite elusive. “20th Feb. After enjoying a lovely sunset on the way home from my Asthma Review I came back into GG to see more Camellias blooming with buds colouring, and a little Primula blooming in the dusk.

21st Feb. Took the plunge and trimmed off many of the tall, yellow rose stems and some of the red Dame de Court as well.
I had a lovely thank you gift from a gardening friend after I had sent her cuttings … Who would have thought that gardening could be such fun? 

The first daffodil is fully in bloom, and Hazel Catkin Bushes behind the house, which the Squirrel Family love, are beautiful in the evening sunlight.

Robin sat on the new fence at the back whilst one of the squirrels diligently pilfered from the pots on a table!

Am regularly topping up bird feeders …today the 22nd, it’s bright and sunny and warm out there. I took a few photos of the flowers then had some photo-fun with them … an old programme I used some years ago which I rediscovered, and Dom put back on my PC, updated. Love these ‘enamelled’ flowers …..

… not so sure about ‘chrome’ Hellebores!

The early mornings of the 25th and 26th, were real, fiery ones reminiscent of my childhood and the illustrations in some of my picture books.

A squirrel continued its usual acrobatics, whilst pigeon cleared up on the ground and little birds danced around the Blue Hill.

It really was warm and Spring-like in GG today.

26th … flowers blooming for Sadie’s birthday …..

Hellebores are still beautiful … and I think that Robin has a mate>

The pretty pink roses are back and more daffodils are blooming. 

It’s nearly March; the weather this month has become unseasonably warm and sunny, and due to become colder, so I wonder what March has in store?
Anne ….. 27.02.2019

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  1. gertie says:

    Have just spotted two Robins in GG at the same time, amicably feeding, one on the central feeder and one on a feeder in the hedge :lol: :dance:
    does this confirm a pair? :rose:

  2. Thinks so Anne, I never realised that both male and female robins have red breasts????? I think we have two possible pairing up, they were flying in and out of the hedge yesterday, but that could also be a male chasing another robin away as they are very territorial. :rose: :walt:

  3. gertie says:

    Hi Lynn, yes I have seen squabbles too, no doubt a feisty, family interloper, but this last week I have seen two in close proximity , and quiet together :rose: , several times so I think maybe Spring is in the air! :lol:
    I think the red breast of the female is usually slightly less prominent … a bit paler?

  4. cilla says:

    Lots of interesting birds and lovely flowers, Anne. Still no squirrels here! Distinct drop in temperature today, too. :bad:

  5. gertie says:

    Shame about your squirrels Cilla….do you think those nasty squirrel-catching neighbours have been going in for squirrel steaks? I gather it’s the latest ‘in thing’ yuk! :bad:

  6. Len says:

    great photos again anne.

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