Four Teds go back to Montpellier.

Four Teds go back to Montpellier.

They were nearly there! ….. After a long journey of stormy skies …

…tall bridges …..

and beautiful, regimented trees …

… their home destination was almost in sight. Just up to the top of this last hill and they could reach the gate and enter the garden where the Apricot tree was inviting the early-Spring bees to buzz around its blossoms..

Dab couldn’t wait to go out to the garden and visit the blossoms … high …

… and low.

He clambered into the shrubs and sniffed at the Rosemary blooming near to the door. All the scents were delightful.

He climbed onto the old cart …..

… and inspected the newly cleaned bird-bath on the wall by the log pile …..

… then he had a quiet chat with Gypsy, one of the resident cats.

Dab Ted loved watching the Goldfish, in the corner of their little, walled pond, and he wanted to share all his wonderful discoveries with the other Teds.

Dab called the other Teds to come out into the lovely garden, but after a short clamber over Harry’s new car, the others went inside again … Were they tired after their long, long journey?

Oh no! They had something to show Dab: so when he had rested in the sunshine, under the blossoms for a short while longer, he joined them in the house.


Anne, ….. End of Part One of “Four Teds go back to Montpellier.”

4 Responses

  1. Love that bird bath, Anne :good: Also the blossom, of course :-)

    • gertie says:

      It’s a sweet little bird bath Jane, but I realise that I covered the little bird on its side, when Dab was sitting with it, rather hiding its full glory!!
      The scent of the blossoms around the garden is exquisite :rose:

  2. cilla says:

    Superb skies, trees and scenery Anne. Very pretty delicate blossom and a lovely little pool.

  3. gertie says:

    I love the BIG SKIES we see en route through France Cilla .. it’s what I miss in CP.
    We are hoping that this blossom will produce Apricots this year; there were plenty of buzzers around to help :-) :rose:

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