Anglesey Abbey……the interior and exterior.

At the end of the garden walk Liz and I had a look round the second hand bookshope where I found two books for Liz but nothing for myself. The boys had caught up by then so we went inside after admiring another statue in a pot.

We started our tour in the kitchens which were a blend of old and more modern. Next to the huge Aga was a more modern cooker. I have no idea at all of the history of the place as there were very few guides around due to illness so you will just have to look at the pretty pictures!

The expensive dining sets were locked away in a huge safe along with Winston Churchill.

Do they still make this?

This is where you remember it is an abbey but a lot of the rooms felt quite cosy.

The bathrooms were huge and mostly en suite.

Liam touched that desk and the one guide came running down to tell him off!

That was a seriously narrow and steep stone staircase with another one going up. I’m glad we didn’t need to use them.

That was the downstairs gents cloakroom. Before we leave the house can you spot the cat?

As we made our way to the shop and plant sales we passed some lovely trees. I think this evergreen is an Arbutus unedo, the strawberry tree as I can’t think of anything else that is evergreen.

After looking at the plants and OH buying several….I just bought lemon curd and notelets, we all piled back in the car to be driven back, the long way round, to their house where we had a most welcome cuppa and Liz’s delicious coffee cake. We left at 5.50 and arrived home in the dark at 7.10 where two starving cats awaited us. A lovely day out after the foul weather last week. I hope you enjoyed visiting with me.

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  1. gertie says:

    :lol: I thought I saw a cat Cilla!! Is it real? How on earth did it get there?!
    I spotted a Remington too … in use? I liked the bedhead mirror too.
    Nice visit … thank you :-) :rose:

  2. Love the Aga and all the wooden doors, Cilla :good:

  3. VegVamp says:

    I enjoyed every minute of that visit too Cilla, thank you so much again. :rose: :clover: Must look up Anglesey Abbey now that you have whetted my interest in it. :good:

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