Mid March in my Aussie Garden.

Mid March in the garden.
It was another hot day today 30C I think.
1st and 2nd. I scored a lovely big cutting of a Dwarf Singapore Pink…I was asking on a Facebook site  if anyone had one for my friend and a lady kindly said she could have a couple of cuttings of off hers………..they were so big my friend gave me one. The lady didn’t want any payment……don’t you just love gardeners.
3rd and 4th. The ginger plants my friend gave me….looks like the one just coming up is a white/pink one…love the colour of the dark pink one.
5th. Fruit Salad Deluxe.
6th. Neighbours Mock Orange Blossom in flower, you can just see a bee in the top corner waiting for his chance to get into it.
7th. Never be afraid to stump a Frangipani…new growth.
8th. Last fling of the Icebergs before Winter.
9th. Cyclamen which I have had for 2 years now
10th and 11th. My Navel oranges…they should start ripening soon.
12th and 13th. Darwin Sunset.
14th, Fruit Salad.
15th. Pool sparkling in the morning sun.
16th. CLOUDS….don’t see them too often
17th and 18th. 2 Cordylines I bought yesterday…….love the colour in the leaves.
19th…..Meeeeeeeeeeeeee and Hugo, I am colourful too..

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  1. gertie says:

    A lovely post Star :lol: thank you :-)
    love that white rose :love:
    Adore navel oranges :good:
    and am about to sow a sprouting ginger lump, so any advice on how to grow successfully would be much appreciated :good:
    Gardens and gardeners are ace :good:
    love, Anne :rose:

    • Star says:

      Sorry Anne……I dont really know much about sprouting ginger or flowering ones. The ones I have were given to me by a friend and I just follow what she tells me….a little sun and water well. Maybe you should google for the care of it. x

  2. Afternoon Star :-) a lovely display – and that includes the final photo ;-)

  3. VegVamp says:

    What a gorgeous colourful blog, including you, ;-) that has gladdened my heart for the coming season Star, thank you.

  4. cilla says:

    You look great Star and I love Hugo :love: .What a lovely blog, it is interesting to see your fabulous exotics alongside flowers that we grow, That pool looks very inviting as our conservatory was 29degrees this afternoon. I hope you had a glass of something cool to hand ;-) :-)

  5. Star says:

    Thank you Cilla………… no wine………..I am not a drinker well maybe at Christmas. But I am allergic to red wine anyway.

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