Four Teds go back to Montpellier. Part two … Relaxing!


Four Teds go back to Montpellier.
Part two … Relaxing!

Teds had passed through wildly differing countryside, weathers, and heights way above sea-level where snow still lay on the ground: after two days of travelling south, tired little Teds had reached their destination where the wine fields of Herault were growing green all around them.

On their arrival home, the first thing they saw was Harry’s new car, and after greeting Sadie and furry folks indoors they came out climbed onto it to have a closer look. … Nice! They then went back inside to rest: or so Dab Ted thought!

He, Dab Ted however, stayed outside to make friends with the porcelain birds on the bird bath before exploring all the scents and sights around the garden.

When Dab eventually went indoors he realised why the other Teds had not come out into the garden again

Joy oh joy! They had found their old, biscuit tin van. Of course, Dab climbed in for a ride too.

Dab told his friends about the periwinkles, the old cart and Gypsy the cat, as they all drove round and round the big table!

They admired a print that Jonah had made on the cover of his folder and …

… that night they prepared their Pads’-Garden-grown cabbages for supper.

The cabbages had suffered a bit on the long ride from London to southern France, but Folks were well impressed.

Scruffy, Tilly’s bookmark, was found in the base of the wash bag, so after he was washed, Lucky kept him company whilst he sun-bathed in the sunny back garden.

Anne went to retrieve the old Teds’ Home from the dusty garage, and found a new occupant!

The new occupant, Mikey, had no intention of moving out so he was left to doze peacefully in all his fat fluffiness!

Teds spent the week relaxing in their van, setting up camp in the empty strawberry box, and helping Anne to finish decorating a smooth pebble which they had found in the garden.

The week passed very quickly. The children and their Papa returned from skiing, and soon it was time to say “Au revoir” to Scruffy and their camp and settle themselves into Dom’s car, ready for the long, long journey back home, north, via the Pres. in Normandy, and then on to Calais and through the Chunnel the following day. The night before they all left, Dab snuggled to sleep by Charlie’s pillow, and in the morning announced that Scruffy was to come and join the Teds Family at the Pads. Lucky Ted was very chuffed. They all said fond farewells to the furry cats, now back in their favourite places …..

… and together, Scruffy and Dab settled into the wind-screen nook of the car as they waved to Sadie and set off for more northerly regions.

There was a long day’s travel ahead and sights to see en route …..”Au revoir Sadie! A la prochaine fois!” xxxxx

Anne ….. End of Part Two of “Four Teds go back to Montpellier

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  1. karenp says:

    Those teds still having their adventures Anne :good:
    Love that fluffy cat too who had moved into their house, definitely a look on the face saying just try and get me out ;-) :-)

  2. gertie says:

    Haha! two went to the opera tonight Karen :lol:
    That fluffy, very large, fat, heavy , young adorable cat was rescued as a kitten, and is the soppiest, nicest , sweetest fluffy critter you could wish to meet :love: He’s called Mikey and of course the Family adores him too :good: :-) :rose:

  3. Absolutely love the Ted’s van, Anne :lol: And that cat knows his place too :lol:

  4. gertie says:

    :good: :lol: that van has been the Teds’ for years and I was told that I could bring it back to CP last time Jane … felt like a child with a new toy :dance: :lol: :rose:

  5. cilla says:

    Those teds were having a ball again, I’m going to sneak in to their suitcase next time :lol: It all looked lovely and sunny and superb views en route. That Mikey has definitely fallen on his paws and just fits the little house :lol: Brill van too :good:

  6. gertie says:

    Teehee Cilla … you would be very welcome :good: I’ll get working on the size-changing spells … for the Teds of course ;-) …. Thanks :rose:

  7. Tubs says:

    Do you drive all the way because if you go via same port you used to go on holiday you pass about a mile from me.

  8. gertie says:

    Hi Tubs :high-five:
    Yes we did drive all the way back this time, via the Channel Tunnel and home past the long lines of queueing lorries to London. We went there via Guildford and the ferry to Le Havre.Our routes change depending on the best fares and which parts of France we are visiting Tubs. :-) :rose:

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