Gertie’s Garden, End of March, 2019.

Gertie’s Garden, End of March, 2019.

Green and yellow

Kerria and Daffodils have been gradually filling Gertie’s Garden this month.

They have glowed in the many mornings of bright sunlight and shadows.

Blues are creeping back with Violas, Myosotis, Rosemary and blue skies.

There are pink hues too …..

Tulips are blooming all around GG, old returners and new ones alike and yet more are pushing through the ferocious forest of strong Bluebell leaves. There are red ones about to flower around the currant bushes … April’s gift?

I smile as I recognise old favourites, past successes, promising more success, and plants that have been given to me over the years by other gardening friends it’s such pleasure.

Rhubarb is charging back :-)

GG is too small, it’s untidy, but GG is strong, full of birds, and this year, in the new ‘back room’ I am trying to grow a few more edible crops with good advice from other good gardeners I know and love.
Look! Garlic and potatoes!…. well, soon ….. and what greens can I grow?

Anne … End of March, welcome Spring.

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  1. cilla says:

    I love all these photos Anne. The light through the daffs is beautiful, those violas have such pretty faces too. A cornucopia of blooms, you should be proud of yourself :good: :-)

  2. gertie says:

    Well the flowers can be proud of themselves Cilla :lol: I just love them :lol: Thank you :rose:

  3. VegVamp says:

    Masses of colour, gorgeous flowers, blue skies and rhubarb coming along beautifully, can’t ask for much more Anne. :cool: A lovely set of pics from your garden. :good:

  4. Lovely, Anne :-) Your garden certainly doesn’t give the impression of being small – quite the opposite in fact :-)

  5. gertie says:

    Thanks Jane :-)
    I think it’s about 60 feet long [in old-fashioned money ] and around 3 yards wide. It’s never enough for me, but maybe I’m just greedy :dunno: :lol: :rose:

  6. Star says:

    Lovely photos Anne, I especially love the Robin getting it’s dinner.

  7. gertie says:

    Thank you Sylvia … have just been gazing in awe at your purple orchid … they aren’t my most favourite of plants but that one could grace my house any day … it’s a cracker :good: :-) :rose:

  8. dixon says:

    Looking very nice gertie, :good: just need a bit warmer weather here on the east coast. :notacloudinsight:

  9. gertie says:

    Thank you Dixon, and good luck with the warmer weather :good: I think we are quite sheltered in GG but I notice from past years’ photos, that there are some things out which haven’t yet appeared this year, so maybe they’ll crop up towards the end of the month. :rose:

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