Gertie’s Garden, Early April 2019

Gertie’s Garden, Early April 2019

The evening before a beautiful sky heralded All Fools’ Day with such promise.
Tulips are blooming all over the place, splashes of colour in the green, and soon there will be frilly, white ones in amongst the Spanish Bluebells!

Over the fence I spotted a pair of Jays looking for worms in a heap of earth.

A lovely pair, which I think live in a garden at the back of Hamlet Road, adjacent to us. The photo shows how windy it was on 6th April.
We still have our friendly Robin of course. 

He likes to pull up worms as soon as I have been digging or raking. He really enjoyed it when I planted the row of King Edward potatoes.

The early, green-petals [sepals?] of Feverfew flowers are really pretty …..

… and the ripening Euphorbia is very mysterious. I don’t understand the various shapes, pincers and fluffy bud-like balls, inside the bowls of yellowy-green flowers! I wonder if Cilla could help?

The Bellis perennis daisies are prettier than ever … so spiky and fluffy, you could almost turn them into teddy bears!

… and the Rhubarb is growing very quickly. I think the April showers we have had, have helped everything to prosper.

Holly has buds.

When they are swept, the trimmed pathways around GG begin to look inviting.

A proper tour around the rooms of GG is next on the agenda, but that’s for another garden diary.
Bees and this pink Geranium, haven’t really stopped being busy all through the Winter, and now Springtime too. [ There is a bee delving into the flower!]

Beneath the hedge behind Blue Hill tiny Violets are blooming …..

… and where the winter rat dug out the tree trunk block, I can see a future use, after some satisfying crumbling, for some very friable compost for top-dressing.

Blackbird continues to wow us with his melodious songs every day, and little birds are still visiting … just look at this gorgeous Long-tailed Titmouse!

Anne ….. April 7th 2019.

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  1. Len says:

    great pictures again anne, you are so lucky to see so many birds. i have never seen a jay. they are beautiful. :good:

  2. gertie says:

    Thanks Len … we do think ourselves lucky with the birds in GG and yes, Jays really are gorgeous birds. I am pleased that the one we’ve seen around through the months has now paired up. Hopefully we will now get even more. The Magpies have been entertaining lately too, but am finding it hard to catch a picture. :-) :rose:

  3. Tubs says:

    Love your garden. I love jumbly gardens full of plants and interesting corners and not too tidy. Looking forward to seeing your garden rooms. Garden views are so nice to see. I live in a village in the country and you seem to have more birds in your London garden than we do.

    • gertie says:

      Hi Tubs, thanks for looking. I have worried in the past, that I am not tidy enough, but have always found it impossible to be spic and span, and have now just given up on worrying. The birds that come seem to thoroughly enjoy themselves and we’ve had foxes nesting under the shed two years ago too, plus the ever-vigilant naughty cats, and agile squirrels, so I just enjoy it all :lol: I often feel that we have a wide variety of birds here, and I guess it might have something to do with living in a busy area surrounded by parks and little lakes. :rose:

      • Tubs says:

        Never worry about being tidy your garden has a charm all of its own as does a tidy garden for those that like to see it. My garden used to be a bit of a jumble but had to make it more lawn for ease of looking after, still I do not do things by the book !!

        • gertie says:

          That’s a lovely thing to say, thanks Tubs :love:
          I had a bit of grass when the front room was created …in fact there is quite a history to GG…Dom and I have dodgy memories of all the time scales, so I will write down what I remember as a garden History ;-) :rose:

  4. cilla says:

    What lovely pictures again Anne. The birds are gorgeous as are the flowers. I am also looking forward to seeing your garden rooms.

  5. VegVamp says:

    Lovely photos Anne and I do like your paths winding round corners – very tempting. :cool: Aren’t those long tailed tits gorgeous, love the way they go about in a gang too. :-)

    • gertie says:

      Thanks Karen .. I am glad that you spotted the way the paths go…I try to make the vistas and archways look inviting, tho’ it’s a bit difficult when they are so small :lol: and yes, the long-tailed titmice are really sweet and fluffy in their chattery , flitting gangs :lol: :clover: :rose:

  6. A lovey morning walk around your garden, always something interesting around those corners. Yes the birds do seem to have been varied this year. The jays are such beautiful birds. :rose:

  7. gertie says:

    Thanks Lynn … apparently there is now a Mandarin Duck in CPPark which we shall go and see when we next walk there. It will make a colourful addition to the Egyptian geese!! :lol: :rose: I think that your beautiful garden is going to be ‘blooming’ lovely this Summer, when you have all those seedlings flowering :-) :rose:

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