Gertie’s Garden Diary … April, Month of Bluebells, Tulips and lovely Blackbird Song.

Gertie’s Garden Diary … April, Month of Bluebells, Tulips and lovely Blackbird Song.

Over all the jumble of Bluebells and Tulips I have listened to the song of the Blackbird , and Robin still accompanies me occasionally, around the rooms, as I dig and plant and sow.

The jumbly jungle of Gertie’s Garden pretty much looks after itself as I strive to make a new room at the back for vegetables, at the same time as putting in as many blue seedlings and plants onto Blue Hill. Blue Hill is overgrown with wildly sprouting bird seed … virulent stuff that! … and friends have supplied me with Myosotis, Cornflowers and such like seeds which I have sown amongst the gaps I have made when digging out the virulent birdseeds! Thank you Friends I have also put in blue Pansies, which like it there. Blue Campanula thrives and is budding to bloom. Soon Blue Hill will live up to its name for more than just the Blue pottery and the old, blue Fir tree on its slopes. This Bugle, [Ajuga?] will bloom there too.

… and let’s not forget the new Arch for the Thornless Blackberries, in the ever-changing ‘Back Room’ and the burgeoning leaf colours, of Heucheras which are simply gorgeous at the moment.

Mustn’t forget also, the advent of this magnificent Jay who definitely likes the fat balls feeder! I just hope that he doesn’t scare the little birds from GG.

As I compose this diary I can hear Blackbird in GG singing, and others other answering him … it’s a pretty conversation, :)

Anne … April 2019.

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  1. Tubs says:

    Lovely walks around your garden today made my day. You must have a very good micro climate there. The video shows it off so well clever you.

  2. Your garden looks amazing, all your hard work of pruning and being ruthless is paying off :good: :high-five: :rose:

  3. gertie says:

    It has been an amazingly colourful month Lynn … thank you :-) , but am not sure I deserve the compliment re hard pruning … am not very good at that :lol: Loads to do next month!! :rose:

  4. cilla says:

    Your garden really is a picture Anne, full of colour…..and I am so jealous of your jay :-)

  5. gertie says:

    Thank you Cilla, but don’t be: Jay is a mixed blessing as, like squirrel, when he takes over the fat balls the little birds can’t/daren’t come near. I just hope he doesn’t scare them away! :-) :rose:

  6. dandlyon says:

    Very impressive Anne, both garden and the songster :good:

  7. gertie says:

    Thank you Tony :-) Am glad you like it…have a way to go before I make good videos, but it’s fun to try :dance: and I had to record our beautiful Blackbird:rose:

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