Yesterday, OH and myself went off to meet Liam and Liz at Canons Ashby. We had previously visited a few years ago in April and it snowed and was perishing so we were looking forward to seeing it in relative warmth.
We met up in the car park and walked up the path to find the restaurant. The church was on our right and we caught our first glimpse of the house. We were greeted by this very fine chap and his harem!

After a catch up and a cuppa we made our way up to the house and entered the main hall with a lovely bowl of flowers.

The hall led into the dining room.

 The guide in the dining room was a lady from Vienna who knew the history of the house and was really interesting with a delightful accent! The next room was the book room and another helpful guide told us that it was called a book room and not a library because nobody was allowed to take a book out of the room but must sit and read it in situ. When they wanted a break they were directed to the garden for 15 minutes work before returning to the book room to carry on reading the book!

The next room was Sir Henry Dryden’s museum which, on the surface, didn’t look very interesting but, again, a very enthusiastic and informative guide (who sounded American) brought the artefacts to life. He was quite an artist and some of his watercolours were displayed but the most interesting things were the walls. A lot of floors and ceilings were raised or lowered and when  woodwork was removed these wall pictures were revealed.

This was the best guest bedroom.

Another bedroom.

One of the Dryden ladies was a good watercolourist and the last photo was one of her paintings of this room.

The nursery and Alice’s room.

In this room I was chatting to the guide and it turns out she used to live in a village I know in Nottinghamshire, she knows the village we live in and her parents played gold at the same club as my parents…..small world!!!

More bedrooms but I guess these were for the staff as the beds weren’t looking at all comfortable.

Downstairs now to the servant’s hall.

It was a fascinating but a very chilly house and we loved it.

And so to the gardens……..but that’s another story.



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  1. cilla says:

    Apologies for repeat photos :-(

  2. gertie says:

    I loved especially, the revealed wall drawings and the diamond-quilted bed cover … thanks for the trip Cilla :rose:

  3. Tubs says:

    Thank you interesting photos and in my garage I have a hot water bottle the same used it as a child. I also have a tiny oil lamp with a rounded base that will always right itself however it is knocked that I used to take to my bedroom.

  4. VegVamp says:

    What a great visit to an amazing house Cilla, I thoroughly enjoy that. Fascinating that they had covered over those wall pictures, I wonder why. You might have warned us about the rat though. :lol: Thank you, a wonderful trip. :good:

  5. I loved this, Cilla – what a treat for us, too! The stone floors are fabulous – and the drawings on the wall are really interesting. I’m wondering what ideas those have given to OH ;-) :lol:

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