Now that you’ve  explored the house here is a view of part of the outside. When you’ve looked at that, come with me in to the gardens and a border full of spring colour and the gorgeous scent of the wallflowers.

This is the top garden with views to the distance and back to the house. The island beds were absolutely delightful.

Down we go into the vegetable garden and orchard.

The bothy.

The beds are lined with nepeta….cats paradise! The beehive was alive with buzzers. There were rows of beetroot and lettuce.

The rose beds will be lovely to look at later in the year. These lead in to a small garden near the house with topiary.

There should be a photo of a shepherd boy statue to complement the narrative, but for some reason it hasn’t appeared!

The beautiful paeony, otherwise known as Molly the Witch.

I lied, the shepherd boy appeared!

The last colourful borders before popping into the church.

We had never been in such a bare church……..look up to the tower……

As we left the church Liz and I spotted this grand bug hotel in the children’s wood.

It was a lovely day out and quite warm and sunny which was a bonus. I hope you enjoyed it too.

4 Responses

  1. gertie says:

    Oh that is super Cilla. :-) Lovely veg plots too and a scarecrow that Tony would be proud of :lol: Love the massed colourful borders and that beautiful, creamy Peony :rose: Thank you :rose:

  2. cilla says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed it Anne. It was a “homely” house and garden :-)

  3. Fantastic exploration, Cilla :good: Loved it all, especially the bug house and the flower border at the very start :-)

  4. dixon says:

    Beautiful gardens Cilla, a lot of lettuce. Love the cottage style look, :-)

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