Gertie’s Garden Diary, May 2019. Into Week Two.

Gertie’s Garden Diary, May 2019.
Into Week Two.

Our lovely Blackbird has emigrated, over the back wall and up into the Turkey Oak, where he now sings the same beautiful songs … am a bit sad.

Can’t be sad for long, however, as the yellow Roses are blooming and real red has entered GG with the blooming Azaleas following the red Heuchera.

Sweetly scented Clematis Montana [how those hills and vales must have smelt in the past!] clambers unhindered all over the wiggly Willow and the Arbour. It’s absolutely lovely.

Geranium macrorrhizum, a canny name for this prolific old toughy! is glorious this year: it’s like a big cousin to Herb Robert, and bees love it!

Here is purple, a Clematis Jackmani clambering up through the Holly tree amongst the new berries …

… and the soft colours of Peace replace the last, loneliest Tulip from Spring.

A white Valerian blooms next to the yellow Roses …

… and GG laps up the showers we have had all day!

Now there are three, looking more mauve than blue. It’s strange how the light of the moment changes the colours perceived.[ ref. GGDiary Week 1]

All this, by the 8th May.

Today, 10th May, the rain has stopped for a while, but not for long!

Veggies outside are progressing, especially those that have had shelter. The potatoes need banking up again, and there is a white Iris amongst the Blue.

The Viola-filled hanging basket looks happy … I have to re-do others.

Next a blue Geranium is blooming and a Fuchsia shows its first flower.

Clematis Montana, with its delicious scent, is blooming lovely …..

.. and now a yellow Iris is peeping out of its bud.

From our neighbours’ side there are lovely views of flowers in GG’s trees!

Today, 11th May, I have tucked straw ‘a la Monty Don’ around the spuds to keep them warm and keep out extra light to the tubers.

I found the missing tall pot, tidily put away in my garden shed [that’ll ‘learn’ me for being tidy … huh!] Tried to buy more tall, slim pots from The Secret Garden up the road, but their promised order has not materialised. Bought two ordinary ones instead, and another bag of tomato compost so that when they are bigger, I can pot on half a dozen tomato seedlings I found growing in a plastic tub of crushed up bark from GG. It will be fun to see if they fruit and then find out what sort of tomatoes they turn out to be.
Tomorrow begins a third week in May so will stop here for now.
Anne ….. 11.05.2019.

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  1. cilla says:

    You are so much more ahead than us Anne… have roses, gorgeous. I love the bee photo…..I love all the photos, lots of lovely plants and veggies….and you’re a 3 shed family!!! ;-)

  2. gertie says:

    :lol: Yes , with an extra cupboard for pots underneath the Holly tree in the Inglenook … and I still don’t have enough places to store and do stuff Cilla :lol: I think we do have a sheltered place between the houses with a mini microclimate of its own Cilla. :-) :rose:

  3. Star says:

    Some lovely blooms in your garden Anne.

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