The Rutland Ospreys.

What a lovely day we had and in such glorious weather. The bird reserve was looking fabulous with the blue of the sky reflected in the water and the scent of hawthorn blossom everywhere. There are two parts to the reserve, the south side and the north side. We started on the south side as that is where the osprey cams are in the viewing hide. It is a mile to the hide and the air was full of birdsong coming from invisible birds! As we left the visitor centre the beginning of the walk was alongside wild garlic and pink campion, the smell of garlic was overwhelming but lovely.

Inside the hide we spotted the male over the water behind the nest.

My little camera is very good, those photos were way across the water on the other side.

The cormorants were outside the hide window and the “Cormorant tree” was full of youngsters and adults.

For the next photos I jumped into the water with my camera in a waterproof bag, climbed up a ladder and took the photos…….especially for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This little one kept trying to escape! There arre 3 babies in the nest and two, I believe, were born a couple of days ago and the youngest, just in the early hours of this morning. Dad brought a fish and they are all feeding……a gorgeous sight.

We returned to the car and ate our Tesco chicken, tomato and basil salad and thai chilli crisps. En route to the north side there just happens to be a nursery with a cafe so after looking round we had a cuppa and OH had coconut and jam shortcake and I had the most deeelicious brownie.

On the north side we ambled along and admired the sceneryand lovely trees. Look at the tiny fishes in this stream….they had sunk a perch in to the mud for a kingfisher but we didn’t see one.

This goose tickled me, peeping out of this lovely meadow. Its mate was lying down close by.

We went in a few more hides and here are a couple of views across the scrapes. The sand martin wall was alive with birds darting in and out of their nests.

We left at 3 o’clock as OH’s cold was getting worse and he was tired but were home just after 4 after a thoroughly exciting and enjoyable day.

If anyone wants to follow the progress of these chicks….and there is another one to hatch…..just Google Rutland Osprey webcam. It is fascinating watching the nestcam.

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  1. What a lovely blog, Cilla, telling us what a fabulous day you so obviously had! The scenery is totally magnificent, not to mention the wildlife! A day you’re not going to forget in a hurry! I’m not a bit jealous :lol:

  2. gertie says:

    No of course not Jane …me neither … ahem :lol:
    What a super outing Cilla, and thankyou so much for bringing a view of it back to us …. brilliant :-) :rose:
    BTW what is your ‘little camera’?

  3. Tubs says:

    Thank you for this blog so enjoyed the birds, I am following one or two nests at the moment the best camera is
    The reaon you can go to the red line at bottom and scroll back to feeding time so do not have to chance you get the time right; Just watched early morning feed which was a while ago.

  4. cilla says:

    I just read that the fourth chick hatched at 22.58 last night making it then150th osprey chick to be born at Rutland :good:

  5. VegVamp says:

    Wonderful blog Cilla, thank you so much I enjoyed every bit of it, I watch the camera footage, after Tubs talked about it and it’s great, but lovely to get all your pics and your description of it. :love: Jumped in the water and climbed a ladder, yea, right. :lol: :lol: Thanks again honey. :-) :rose: :clover:

  6. What a fab day out Cilla, such lovey scenery, so peaceful. The osprey pics are fab, thankyou for taking such risks to bring us great pics :lol: I bet it was so interesting,hope they all grow to adulthood and then come back themselves to nest :good: :rose:

  7. cilla says:

    I always love going there Lynn, something different to look at whatever time of year.

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