Beware the Moth!


My daughter returns from her travels in Asia and settles in my less than exciting conservatory reading, snoozing sharing cups of tea looking at pictures.

As she moves the coffee table slightly she calls to me: ‘Mum, do we have rats in the conservatory?’

‘WHAT? No!’ I say, but I could be mistaken I guess.

She points to the hole in the rug which looks eaten or ravaged by something. It’s a round ring of devastation and on closer inspection has the mark of a much smaller object than a rat.

White, writhing worms are in evidence and they appear to have brown mandibles at the forefront. Lifting the carpet reveals their droppings on the floor as sugary dust, and confirms that this is the work of the carpet moth, Trichophaga tapetzella.

Suffice to say the rug is useless now and this is not so sad since it was very old and probably past it’s sell by date, but it was a surprise nonetheless.





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  1. VegVamp says:

    Bloomin heck Hayley, not what you want to find anywhere in the house! :bad: Hope you’ve caught all the wee beggars. :rose:

  2. cilla says:

    Ooh, not a nice surprise :-( Thank goodness it was in the conservatory and, hopefully, nowhere else :fingers-crossed:

  3. Goodness, not nice at all, Hayley! Hope it was confined to the conservatory!

  4. gertie says:

    Oops! I wonder what the actual moth looks like? I shall investigate! :rose:

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