Slowly, Slowly Catchee Monkey.

Well it has been 6 days since I was last clicking. I have been busy turning the un-fenced part of the Fern garden into a Tropical garden.
The ferns had been in there for 12 years and were very stubborn to come out……so it was work a bit and rest a bit. Going to bed with back ache, luckily it had eased in the mornings for me to carry on…………..before it would have taken me 2 days but now things take me longer…6 days.

I finished today, it wont be grown by the time of the wedding but at least it will be nice and tidy.
In there are Gingers, Cordyline Rubras, Crotons, a Peace Lily, yellow Clivias, a New Guinea Impatiens and a big Monsteria that I left in there.
We have some rain  forecast on Thursday so I will give it a good dose of Dynamic Lifter

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  1. cilla says:

    You have been busy Star. Don’t you just love a project but I know what you mean when you say things take much longer to complete :-( It will look great when it matures :-)

  2. Goodness, Star, you’re a glutton for punishment when you get an idea, aren’t you? :lol: It’ll be lovely when it grows – not that your garden needs more colour really ;-)

  3. Tubs says:

    Looking very good even if not fully grown, If you get a moment would love to see a video again.. 6 days instead of 2 seems the going rate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Star says:

    I will video when I have it all ready for the wedding Tubs…….but it will be the middle of winter , so wont have a lot of colour except green.

  5. VegVamp says:

    What a great job Star, it will be stunning when fully mature. :good: I think we all know what you mean about things taking so much longer than they used to. ;-)

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