Rafael and Sonny Go to the Theatre

Rafael and Sonny Go to the Theatre.
Chapter One, Going.

The two Teds were going on trains all the way into the centre of London Town.

Waiting in the garden, Sonny Ted spotted a Seven-spot Ladybird!
Different wonders awaited in London.

The train windows were rather grubby!

On the way they passed the Imax Big Screen Theatre.
“No, it’s not there that we are going to!” said Rafael.

They passed a Big Wheel with a Rainbow Flag flying near to it.
“That’s a flag for LGBT groups” said Sonny.

They went across the River Thames via Charing Cross Bridge and finally alighted from the train at Charing Cross Station, from whence they walked to the Piccadilly Theatre. On the way they saw a new statue in Trafalgar Square.

Then a very long car passed by them.
“That’s a stretched limousine!” said Rafael, “It’s called a Stretch-Limo!”

Very soon they reached a busy corner where the Theatre was opening its doors to all the theatre-goers. It was crowded in the street, and they passed a pretty alley-way with twinkling lights on the floor, before entering the Theatre.

The Teds bought a Theatre Programme, as like Dom, Rafael liked to read all the notes; and then they settled into their tiny seats to wait for the play.
“It’s all velvety and plush isn’t it?” whispered Sonny, secretly rather impressed.

At first the Teds found the little, old theatre seats rather uncomfortable, but they soon forgot their discomfort. The actors skilfully drew their attention to the revolving stage, and the story of the doomed Lehmann Bankers unfolded with wit and wry humour.


Chapter Two. Coming Back Home

After much enthusiastic clapping from the audience, Rafael and Sonny set off for home. They wanted to explore the Starry Pavement, where lights now shone in the dark.

Surrounded by Twinkling Trees at the other end of the Starry Pavement, the two Teds found a rocky pile, which turned out to be a sculpture by Tony Cragg.

“We joined the Group for a short while,” said a delighted Sonny Ted.

The fascinated Pair slid off the sculpture and wandered back towards Charing Cross, spotting interesting sights on the way … “Look! Old Telephone Boxes!” shouted Rafael.

“Ooh, that’s a taxi a bit like some they have in Portugal!” said Sonny, who had seen Anne’s photos! “More like those in India!” said Rafael, who had seen television pictures of crowded streets on news programmes!

A shop with big glass windows was filled with shiny, white balls! … and there were coloured lights all around the streets, making pretty reflections.

Best of all for the Teds was the ‘Wild Window’ … They were sad that they couldn’t join the critters in the Rain Forest behind the window pane.

By now, however, two little Teds were beginning to feel very tired and the streets and sights around them were becoming blurry.

They had to blink to keep their eyes open to see all the wonderful lights and buildings.

When Charing Cross Station had been reached, Rafael Ted and Sonny Ted were tucked up inside Anne’s shoulder bag, fast asleep!

Anne ….. June 2019.

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  1. Fab sightseeing tour, Anne :good: Shocking that I didn’t know about the new statue but now just read up on it to find it’s made out of 10,500 tins of Iraqi date syrup – amazing! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-43565870

  2. gertie says:

    :-) Thank you for the link Jane … fabulous :good: :rose:

  3. Star says:

    A great story Anne, the two teds had a wonderful evening out on the town.

  4. gertie says:

    :lol: Thank you Sylvia … they did ;-) :rose:

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