Raised Bed

Next to the rather odd free standing wall there are two areas of gravel. We decided to use the stone from the fireplace which we removed to make a raised bed with two levels.

Under the gravel was a layer of blue plastic. No idea what it was for originally.

Rather than clear all the gravel I just cut away the piece from under the new bed.

First line of stone.

Tried to follow the curve of the wall.

No idea what the paving slab is for. It just sits on top of a brick pillar. Too hard to remove.

Filled up with decent gritty compost and soil.

Used some old bricks to raise the level of the back half of the bed.

Central wall built.

Planting begun. I filled the top layer with Silver Saxifrages.

All planted up and covered with gravel which matches the rest of the area..

5 Responses

  1. gertie says:

    Nice work Eric :good: … looking forward to seeing the growing plants next :-)
    . May I suggest that next time you post a blog, you post large pictures by just changing the size before uploading to the text? :rose:

  2. Owdboggy says:

    Big photos? Not so sure about that, always bothered about folks with slow internet.

  3. gertie says:

    Okay Eric. I didn’t think of that … too technical for me :lol: :confused: … I would just have liked to see the plants more clearly as they are great photos :good: :rose:

  4. Owdboggy says:

    Nothing much to look at with the plants. They are all of about 2 inches across. The size you would get if you bought them from a specialist grower.

  5. A good use of already to hand materials to create a minimalist but pretty part of the garden.

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