Gertie’s Garden Tardis. Diary for June, 2019 …The Last Two Weeks.

Gertie’s Garden Tardis.
Diary for June, 2019 …The Last Two Weeks.

Feverfew has dominated the back room of GG to the extent that I am now ruthlessly pulling some out as it overshadows other struggling growth, for example some new cuttings of Sage that I have rooted, which is growing pale and leggy because it can’t reach enough sunlight!

When the Sage bush has grown big and strong in the sunny bed, I shall fully cut down the old one which is taking up space in the shaded, raised bed.
An orange Rose from my friend, Maria, has been the star of the month … am hoping that I can keep it growing

. White Foxgloves from Jane have been itinerantly successful all around the garden as well, and the Beeblebums love them.

Deep pinky reds and mauves predominate …

Culminating in an abundance of tall, unfettered red Penstemons! here’s one!

I am belatedly repotting and moving strawberries around to the sunshiny parts of GGTardis: and little roses abound on Blue Hill.

I have not seen many butterflies, but did come across this critter a few times!
It flew away and I was surprised, as usually I see them creeping about!

Colours are pretty in the sunshine, and there are fascinating shadows too.

The blue Geranium, carried on rather nicely!

Onion buds are filling up … and a third Beansprout is now vigorously growing to catch up with its mates …

‘La pièce de résistance’ is a Bird House made by our friend, Bobs, which he renovated and gave to me for my birthday. 

P.S. I once saw a Hedgehog and bought some dog food, but I haven’t seen it again, even though something is eating the scattered dog biscuits!
The scent of Privet has taken over where the vanillary waftings of Clematis Montana have faded away.

Anne, June 30th 2019

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  1. Your garden is still looking beautiful and a lovely oasis for , bugs & birds.
    I’m wondering if bees like Feverfew? I’ll have some seed heads, I have a few places where it could be left to grow away?
    Love the bird house, what a great gift, might keep the rats, squirrel’s and large birds away?
    :rose: :rose:

  2. gertie says:

    That’s the idea Lynn…little rollers to make the squirrels slip and tiny doors surrounded by metal, for birds only as the squirrels’ teeth were biting them bigger before. :lol:
    I will collect seeds for you as the plant grows very freely and quickly. I’d send whole seedlings, but in this heat I fear they wouldn’t get past my front gate, much less all the way to yours! :lol: :rose:

  3. Brilliant, Anne and your shield bug is the Dock bug Coreus marginatus which I’ve never come across before – lucky you!
    I’m so pleased about the white foxgloves. Today I planted out 2 surviving plants I grew from seed last year (about 30 germinated and I would’ve loved them all to have managed to stay alive!).
    Feverfew can be a real thug and you have to be ruthless with it. At least the tiny seedlings are easily recognisable to get rid of.

  4. gertie says:

    Wow…thanks for that identification Jane…I couldn’t exactly match it to any I found when searching…I love it’s anterior ‘ledge’ [ for want of a better description :lol: ]
    Yes, the Foxgloves have been lovely this year, thank you :good: :-), and you are right about the exuberance of Feverfew, I must warn Lynn :lol: :rose:

  5. cilla says:

    You have some beautiful flowers Anne, all the ones I like :-) I bought 3 more penstemons yesterday :good: Your tardis is quite special, thank you for sharing it with us. :-)

  6. gertie says:

    Hallo Cilla, thank you, and thank you for it’s very apt renaming :lol:
    Having neglected everything whilst ill last year, the Penstemons have grown ENORMOUSLY! and I think there are some differently coloured ones about to bloom now :good: [sorry that’s not good English, but you know what I mean!] :-) :rose:

  7. cilla says:

    The big birds may have eaten your dog biscuits (or, hope not, the rats!)…….or maybe a fox.

    • gertie says:

      :good: :confused: Cilla …. we haven’t seen many/any foxes locally this year, which I find sad, especially after having that lovely little family actually nesting under Dom’s shed in GGTardis in ’17 :lol: Something is eating them though … :dunno: … rat … cat? do cats eat dog biscuits ? :confused: :rose:

  8. cilla says:

    Since the young neighbours put their solid wood and concrete based fence up my favourite foxes have stopped coming. A different two, White tippy tail and Black tippy tail have somehow managed to find a way in but are very nervous and don’t hang around. I’ve never heard of a cat eating dog biscuits but I’ve watched the crows and magpies taking Bonios and those round biscuits with meat in the middle biscuits :lol:

  9. gertie says:

    Ah, must do some more bird watching!!
    I admit to blaming the new neighbours at the back too Cilla. Doug&Winnie’s garden wilderness has gone, a pristine plot has been constructed and now there is an enormous wooden garden house behind the [unholey] fence at the back :-( Foxes and Hedgehogs? not much chance :bad:

  10. cilla says:

    They call it progress Anne :bad: :-(

  11. gertie says:

    Thanks Len :-)
    Do you like the bird table? :rose:

  12. karenp says:

    Anne your garden is so pretty with so much to see, love the bird house too, I went to the new forest lavender farm recently with my sister and bought a feverfew plant as I used to have it growing in my garden and somehow probably over wedding lost it all :confused:

  13. gertie says:

    Thank you :love:
    When I’m back in GG, I’ll send you some Karen :good: :rose:

  14. dixon says:

    Love the blooms gertie, clematis looks bril. :good:

  15. gertie says:

    Looking back, it was , it seems, a rather fabulous month Dixion :-) :rose:

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