Jane’s revamp of small raised beds

Until we got the van earlier in the year, the concrete was my space for all my small raised beds and two builders’ bags for growing blackcurrants, strawberries, salad, potatoes and last year, sweetcorn. So that OH could park the van, I moved what I could of the beds to one side and put 3 not in the photo below elsewhere in the garden.

Edge of concrete

The beds weren’t getting much sun and it was a tight squeeze to park the van and also to get in and out of it, as well as pack it when we went away. A couple of days ago I decided to move the wooden beds and as the builders’ bags have courgette plants in, these will be moved later in the year to the space in front of this side of my shed. The table and chairs will also be moved elsewhere.


I did these two beds first. They are on the side of the ditch and just in front of my shed door. I planted some asters in the long one and will put 2 heucheras and some red astrantia in the small one. The little concrete block with the hollow is for some mint and it won’t be able to spread. I finished these yesterday.

Beds now in front of my shed


Beds view from side

I also sorted the herb garden yesterday. Originally it was in the old shower tray which has been dragged around to various places on the concrete and latterly on to the gravel. It was chipboard underneath and collapsing.

Shower tray herb garden

You can see what the herbs look like now in the bed I used to use for strawberry plants.

Herb garden in new bed

In February, I moved two small raised beds near to one of greenhouses and have been using them for salads.

Smallish raised beds moved in Feb

Today I did the last bed, the same size as these two and this was quite difficult because of where I wanted to put it. It is further to the right of the small raised beds in the photo above and very close to the ‘bike’ shed. This whole strip of bed is sloped and against the neighbour’s fence. I thought this would be a good place for it as it would help me control the Russian comfrey and Vinca major that I have been growing to hide the fence.

View from kitchen window

It took me ages to level the area to get the bed even but I had company from two robins who found lots of worms and got very close to me!


Robin very close by

This is the view from the gate along the path.

View down path

And this is the reason for doing all this work: apart from the builders’ bags, an empty concrete space for the van!

Space for van

Time for dinner now!

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  1. cilla says:

    You have worked hard Jane, it is all looking very neat and I’m sure your plants will enjoy their new home. The herb bed is looking healthy and I really love the robin :love:

  2. Lots of work Jane,but it looks good :good: it all looks very organised and tidy.
    I guess the van got sorted out ok?

  3. gertie says:

    Your garden/home is such a lovely mix of wild and cultivated Jane; so clean and thoughtfully well organised. I feel at home just looking at the photos :good: :lol: :rose:

  4. gertie says:

    Thank you Jane, I will pause and make myself at home :lol: Anne xx ;-) Good luck with the van :rose:

  5. Allan says:

    I always had a Van I had to cater for, But it went about the same time as my allotment, So I still have a postage stamp bit of Earth to play about in, Even when the sun isn’t out the raised beds still want watering, You seem to have combined the van and the garden very well.Jane. :good: :rose:

  6. VegVamp says:

    What a great job Jane, you’ve worked really hard! It all looks very productive, and what a bonus with the robins. :love:

  7. karenp says:

    Gosh you have been busy but it looks really good, and love that little robin too :good:

  8. dixon says:

    Garden make over jane. :lol: see the 3D printed brackets are standing up well. :-)

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