we’ve really, really moved house

Yes, its true, one week and one day ago we moved to the bungalow, it went really well, removal people were fantastic and son joined us and was a star, especially on the hoovering side – hoovered as we left the old house, hoovered as we piled into the new, house very much in need of a good top to bottom clean, the spiders are absolutely livid as the cobweb brush keeps disturbing them, but bathroom amd kitchen being the first to get sorted are lovely and clean and spider free.  The bungalow has been empty from about the beginning of the year, apart from family visiting a few times to sort things out.

So we are still wading through boxes and finding new places for everything and are not rushing like mad at it – OH doesn’t know it yet but there will be quite a bit of deluttering going on (again) before everything is stowed away..

The garden has (and will be again) a lovely mature one, although I keep expecting David Attenborough to come out of one of the very overgrown bushes extolling the virture of this little part of South Lakes which has remained untouched by humans for umpteen decades, he can go back in his bush, cos it needs tlc to bring it back to loveliness.

So folks, again thanks for your many encouraging messages, its been a long haul with umpteen moving dates and worth it every inch of the way.

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  1. gertie says:

    Now that’s lovely and positive … congratulations Jenny :good: :lol:
    I wish you every joy, love and happiness possible in your new home, and lots of energy to keep the spiders happy but unintrusive ;-)
    Lovely to ‘see you back on here’ and I am looking forward to news of the ‘new’ old garden :-) :love: :rose:

  2. Well done, Jenny and many congratulations!! Of course, now we want to know everything about your new place and especially the garden :notacloudinsight: :lol:

  3. Owdboggy says:

    Well done. Join the club. Now the fun starts.

  4. cilla says:

    OOh brill Jenny, can’t wait to see some photos. :-)

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