Petwood Hotel and Gardens,Woodhall Spa…….home of the Dambusters.

As we haven’t had a day out for ages and the forecast was for sunshine I was looking for some gardens in Lincolnshire to look at as we seem to have exhausted Leics and Northants! I found Petwood Hotel and Gardens and Route Planner said it would take 1 and a half hours so off we went at 9 o’clock this morning. When we came off the main A46 to Lincoln we were in a whole new world! Lots of lanes with flat fields, dykes and some pretty villages.
after what seemed an age we arrived at Woodhall Spa which was like a green oasis, surrounded by woods and with lovely arts and craft like properties as well as cottages and Edwardian type villas. Petworth Hotel was a revelation. it was huge and built by Grace Weigall married to Sir Archibald Weigall. It was used as a military hospital for injured servicemen during the Great War but it is best known as the home of 617 Dambusters Squadron if you want to read about it. I knew nothing of this but the whole place was fascinating and you really got a sense of the past with the amount of photographs and memorabillia there. I thought those of you with connections to the RAF would enjoy looking at these photographs and the poignant poems.

Sorry about the size and position, I did click on full size but only one was!

After looking at all the history we went off into the gardens and watched the house marten chicks being fed before walking the gardens and woods.

After a shandy and Caesar’s Salad in the restaurant we said godbye to Petwood and drove into Woodhall Spa and found a free cool parking spot which just happened to be a few steps from the Cottage Museum which we had a look round. That was fascinating too and told the history of the spa town and Petwood . I had to take a photo of this old bear for Anne.

We walked along the main street which was really thriving with lots of little shops and eateries. We made our way to the Tea House in the Woods where we had a welcome cuppa and a scone with butter and black cherry jam. A few steps away was the car and so off we went on the long drive home via the scenic route and arrived home at 5 o’clock.

What an unusual but very pleasant day it turned out to be and a hot one too.

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  1. dixon says:

    Love Woodhall Spa cilla, visited quite a few times, lots of memorabilia. Spilsby is also worth a visit if you go back. :good:

  2. cilla says:

    Is Spilsby just RAF stuff dix?

  3. gertie says:

    … and a very pleasant day indeed Cilla … how lovely.
    I think that you’ve captured the atmosphere very well with your photos too :good:
    Lovely giant teddy bear :love: he looks rather like a Steiff bear; definitely that vintage :good: Thank you :rose:

  4. VegVamp says:

    What a fascinating place Cilla, and beautiful gardens. Thank you, didn’t know anything about it, so loved sharing your trip. :good: :clover: :rose:

  5. Allan says:

    What a fantastic place Cill,The last memory of Britain, that a lot of the pilots had. :rose:

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