A little Corner of GG Tardis.

A little Corner of GG Tardis.

Look! We have them in GG as well!
When we returned to Gertie’s Garden, late on Monday night, even in the darkness, we could sense the jungle like growth of everything green there! The next morning we were greeted by a joyous crowd of jubilant Crocosmia!

Of course we had to taste the Blackberries, already raided once by two fastidious young ladies and enjoyed by friends. There are plenty left to gather and we have already picked more each day and eaten them with ice cream and cooked apple … scrummy!

As I wandered around in sunshine on Tuesday, I noticed the pretty, blue flowers from a gardening friend. They are really brightening up the corner, trailing over the old, concrete wall … just perfect!

Pruned Dame de Court is re-blooming; Japanese Anemones are in flower; and a bug-free version of the variegated Fuchsia is looking splendid.

There is still a wide variety of flowers blooming in the mass of green growth …

… and look at this! It’s from another gardening friend. I think it’s called Maurandya barclayana, but it could be Clematis roguchi?
I can’t remember, so will the kind donor please put me out of my misery? Both blue plants are doing really well, and are absolutely beautiful. Thank you both Friends 

I planted lots of potatoes, King Edwards, and with one of us on a low-carb diet, I have enough to give away. I await the fruition of some big ones for jackets. They are very tasty!

I am also very chuffed because this little yellow flower has popped up again. It was in an entirely different room of GG, but I guess the birds have obliged by popping it into this corner where it’s spreading and blooming beautifully. Can someone please tell me its name?

Triumphant Crocosmia, so reviled by me for its prolific leaf growth, has at last managed to please me, with copious deep, golden orange flowers … but it won’t be allowed to take over the whole of GG.

… and why did I call my diary, ‘A little Corner of GG Tardis.’? It is because the little corner that hitherto had been so dull and bare, is now doing just what I had hoped and it looks really pretty 

Anne ….. August 16th, 2019.

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  1. gertie says:

    … and all because good, kind friends watered GG when I wasn’t there to do it …thank you Friends.xxxxx

  2. Tubs says:

    Lovely lot of flowers so colourful.. I think the yellow one you asked name is Corydalis lutea

  3. Looks lovely, Anne but I wouldn’t expect any less of your garden :rose:

  4. What a welcome Anne, your plants are doing so well :good:

  5. gertie says:

    I love the little, blue flowers on the running vine Lynn :good: They are on Blue Hill too but they especially like this sunny corner :good: That was a stroke of genius sending those … thank you :rose:

  6. cilla says:

    The garden has flowered its heart our for you Anne, all looking beautiful :-) That certainly looks like Maureen Bandylegs and I’m so glad it has grown for you :good:

  7. gertie says:

    :lol: Thank you so much Cilla … hasn’t it done well, and I’m glad you gave me it’s pet name again … I just couldn’t remember it. It’s just the sort of ferocious climber I like and so unusually pretty :good: I love it when GG has flowers from friends, and vice versa :rose: Have you any special tips on how to keep it happy please? I assume that it is perennial; indeed will go look it up now :good: :rose:

  8. cilla says:

    It may be perennial in your micro climate but seeds can be sown in spring if it doesn’t survive.

  9. gertie says:

    Right, I shall watch it and look after it with great care, and we shall see. Meanwhile I will record it with continual interest :-) Thank you again :rose:

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