Meet Albert, Albert Ted.

Albert came to live at the Teds’ Pads in August, 2019.
Kieron Ted showed Gertie’s Garden to Albert and together they climbed the Blackberry vines so that they could collect ripe Blackberries.

The two Teds had enormous fun climbing the Blackberry vines. Most bears like climbing. Together, they collected lots of Blackberries.

They enjoyed seeing pretty Clematis flowers clambering up the arches too.

Albert Ted and Kieron Ted also found Tomatoes in Gertie’s Garden.

Sometimes they went into GGTardis* with other Pads Teds.

Albert was fascinated by the Teddy Sunflower in Gertie’s Garden*.

One morning, after a breeze [or a passing cat?] had knocked Teddy’s pot over, Albert was the first in the garden to soothe the ruffled Teddy and make sure that he was all right.

Albert Ted liked climbing around in Gertie’s Garden; and most of all, he liked making new Ted friends to play with.

Albert Ted is very happy in his new home at the C.P. Pads*
He already has two new friends, Flaky Ted from the Regents Park Zoo in London, and Kieron Ted all the way from Fife, in Scotland.
The new friends are also newcomers to the Pads, and they enjoyed welcoming Albert as they had been welcomed themselves.

“We’ll show you the Pads Garden next”, said Kieron: but that’s another story.


Anne … 11.09.2019. … with thanks to Sadie, Dom and Tina for three lovely Teds.

* Gertie’s Garden = GGTardis, which is Anne’s garden.
* C.P. Pads is Crystal Palace Pads, the community where all the Teds have homes in Anne’s Den!

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  1. gertie says:

    :lol: Well Jane, it took a minute [not Speedy Gonzales me!] but it’s all right. The Teds were just helping me to collect the fruits ;-)
    Am have arranged for a six year old friend to read this on the weekend and see what her reaction is…you have given me food for thought. thank you :lol: :rose:

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