Gertie’s Garden Tardis: By September.

Gertie’s Garden Tardis: By September.

This is one of GG’s stars this year, currently giving comfort to a passing Bee.
It’s a Teddy Sunflower from a friend’s beautiful garden, and we love it. 😍

Teddy is not alone. GG has Mauryanda barclayana clambering up the arches from another friend. It’s a wonderful climber with rapid and exciting abundance.
There is also a pale bluey-mauve Convolvulus with the frightening tag of bindweed, but without bindweed’s horrid habits!! … a Convolvulus sabaticus, called Morning Glory, from another gardening friend.
I am looking to strike cuttings from all these lovely plants to spread them around GG, and back to friends as well.

Blue Geraniums have been prolific since August. Where formally, the pink Geraniums spread and overflow, at this time, blue ones are accentuating the name of the Hill on which they proliferate!

From August into September, Blackberries from the Thornless variety growing over one Arch, have been ripening daily in the sunshine; as have the Tomatoes, most of which are Gardeners’ Delight variety. One beef tomato has crept into my collection however, and I’m not entirely sure where it came from; only that it is slowly producing fairly small, but very tasty big, ridged tomatoes. I wonder about cross-pollination as some of the small Gardeners’ Delight have started to look like mini Beef Tomatoes!

A pretty, mauve spike has flowered in one of the pots … I need to look after it; would this be a Salvia of some sort?

A quick look around the leafy, green jungle still finds lots of colour. Many flowers are re-blooming, like Campanula, Bellis and Dianthus.

The potatoes I planted were fresh and tasty and a bag went to son’s family where they were appreciated. All the ‘harvesting‘ has been very satisfactory.

The Fuchsia that had a Fuchsia Mite infection last year and was drastically pruned, came back into beautiful flower; but again I have had to cut out a large portion of it where the mite had returned. I am steeling myself to losing it altogether, but will try once again to save it before I dig it out completely. And whilst on the subject of unwanted infestations, GG has kept the butterfly population quite sated too!

Have started on the big ‘deforestation project’ and the extra light that is creeping in is making it a pleasanter task than I anticipated. I withhold judgement until I see what re-emerges next season and what does not! Despite the shade, my one Runner Bean vine from Rhondda beans has grown well and given us tasty meals.

There are yet a few ripening Blackberries left on the Thornless vine which has been a joy to behold and collect from. I have to decide which runners to leave and which to cut out, following advice from another gardening Friend with a proven record on these things.

Trimming back the roses, a third now and a third again in early Springtime, looks as if it might be successful. Have let them get too leggy, but am learning to deadhead more fiercely!

Next season I will make better pots and baskets.
Anne ….. September 2019

This little diary is dedicated to our late Friend, Sheila, who once remarked that she liked the little strip insets in one of my diaries; this made me think of her, as I so often do.

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  1. cilla says:

    What a fabulous summer you have had Anne with flowers and produce. That sunflower is something else and Maureen obviously loves your micro climate. We saw her at Sissinghurst and Jane sent for the seeds. I don’t think your purple flower is a salvia, have you a photo with the whole stem please? How lovely to dedicate this to Sheila, she is never far from our thoughts and still greatly missed.

    • gertie says:

      Oh Cilla, I think of her every time I come here and miss her so. :love:
      Yes , it has been a fabulous Summer in GG and yet another learning curve in many ways. I am so glad to have friends here to help. It gives me the confidence to do things I otherwise might not dare to do, like hard pruning for example :lol:
      I seem to have lost the flower for now, but I’ll look to see if I took any more pics; thank you xx :rose:

  2. What a lovely blog, Anne :rose: Your garden is gorgeous and you always have lots of colour! I echo Cilla’s comment about Sheila, still truly missed :rose:

  3. gertie says:

    Thank you Jane. :rose: I find that keeping the diary helps too, especially when learned peops can tell me names and methods surrounding various plants. :-) :rose:

  4. Len says:

    i need to get more colour in my garden like you anne. very nice. :good:

  5. gertie says:

    If you ever want any cuttings Len….say, and I’ll do what I can :-) The flowers go round and round the length and width of the UK at times…it’s lovely :lol: :good: :rose:

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