The garden today

As it was still dry this afternoon I decided I should definitely pull the biggest the beets and as I had my camera with me, I also took a few photos of what was going on garden-wise where I was busy.

These are the Boltardy beets for roasting tomorrow and they are next to the tiny Red Grenoble lettuce seedlings for overwintering. I’m really proud of these are they are from my own saved seed from a Franchi lettuce which I overwintered last year and didn’t touch. What’s more, in case I hadn’t saved them properly I also sowed some of last year’s packet and my fresh ones germinated 7 days before the others!!

Winter lettuce and beets

My Gardeners’ Delight are still going strong:

Gardeners Delight

The San Marzano are just starting to ripen but they are grown outdoors:

San Marzano ripening

In another raised bed I have 3 Purple Sprouting Broccoli plants which were hidden in the greenhouse from the white butterflies until they were big enough to plant out.

Purple sprouting broccoli

And I have a few winter hardy spring onions doing well:

Spring onions

After checking on all the veg, I took some photos of the asters and persicaria that are giving the garden a bit of colour at the start of autumn.

Blue aster


Pink aster

Autumn garden

Yesterday I had the bright idea of building a wall in front of my neighbour’s fence to block out some of the concrete base next to my greenhouse. I would like the campanula to topple down and cover the pot eventually!

Faux walled garden

And last but not least is the star of September from Cilla’s sunflower seed!

Sunflower in September

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  1. gertie says:

    Lovely Jane :good: … you are doing well :-)
    I have composted most of my brassicas because they were feeding the Cabbage Whites outside. The few left are now being allowed to grow in the cooler Autumn. …. and I love the Sunflower :-) :rose:

  2. cilla says:

    You have had a good day and I am sooo impressed with your tomatoes, both varieties. I have never grown trusses like that and I don’t know why. Yours look fabulous. Mine have nearly finished now. Well done on the lettuce. I have a few in the ground but I have never seen them go to seed,so do I just leave one in indefinitely? The sunflower is beautiful, I didn’t grow any this year. Your garden has really matured over the last couple of years especially the wildlife. :good:

    • Thanks, Cilla :-) Those beets have just gone in the oven ;-) For the lettuce seed, I kept one lettuce last September in the g/h in it’s own pot and didn’t touch it until I could plant it out in April, I think, this year. Eventually in July it started to shoot up and then in August it had small yellow flowers. At the beginning of Sept this year I kept a close eye to see when it was ready to seed and shook the top into a big paper bag to collect them. I will do it again as they germinated so quickly for me.

  3. VegVamp says:

    It’s all looking great Jane, you have been a busy girl! The Gardeners’ Delight are great for cropping well into Autumn. :good:

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