The Gloves!

The Gloves!

The gloves were lying on the path by the front door!
What were they doing there?

“I think that they are bickering!” Trudy Ted said sadly at the time. It seemed that the Gloves didn’t like each other very much.
Trudy Ted was a quiet, but adventurous little grey Ted. She had already been abroad, to Switzerland, and proudly carried her Passport around with her, refusing to put it in the Passport Post Box.

Trudy Ted was best mates with Joz Ted and Hilary Ted. They all liked climbing!

“Do you remember when we climbed the Blue Fir on Blue Hill in GG* and saw Dave, the Painter-Decorator man painting the walls?” said Trudy to Hilary.
“Yes,” said Hilary.

“Well, what glove was holding the paint brush and enjoying the painting?”
“The right glove was holding the paint brush!” said Trudy.

“I remember that too!” shouted Joz suddenly; “When Trudy and I were sitting on the window sill, watching the painting of the wall from inside looking out! It was Right Glove that was holding a big, fat brush and they looked very happy together!”

“And I saw the same, Right Glove holding a big hammer!” cried Hilary excitedly.

The Ted trio liked climbing about to watch the gloves do their work with Dave.

As they clambered around and watched, it became obvious to them that the right glove was having all the interesting jobs whilst the left glove was doing the holding on and the lifting, and was becoming very discontented with its lot.
Over coffee one day, the three Teds decided that something must be done.

When the gloves had finished working for the day, the Teds dragged them to the Pads Garden. There they had lots of space to talk, because the garden was was being reorganised for Winter.

Joz and Trudy talked to Right Glove and asked what it thought of its job.
“It’s great!” said Right Glove. “I love to stroke on the soft paint and seeing it transform the walls. I leave a dirty old space all spanking clean and bright.”

Hilary meanwhile, was hanging on to Left Glove which was trying to pull itself away from her. Joz approached and gently asked Left Glove whether it enjoyed its work with Dave.

“It’s all right,” said Left Glove. “I hold the paint bucket and the ladder whilst the painting progresses. I watch the walls get cleaner and brighter as Right Glove works its magic. Sometimes I wish that I could do that too.”
Right Glove reached across to Left Glove and said, “I couldn’t do any of my magic without your help; you do realise that don’t you? I have often wished that I were as strong as you!”

“Let’s go and find a more comfy place to chat, said Joz and Trudy.
They took the Gloves to a sofa and encouraged them to talk about all the things they liked to do, and anything that they didn’t like.

After a short while the Gloves realised that they both liked the same things and that they could not achieve what they were doing without one another.

The Gloves ‘shook hands’ and made up.

“Right then!” said Hilary Ted. ”Come on you scruffy pair of mitts! We need help with painting our new Pads please!”

Anne ….. October 2019.

*GG stands for Gertie’s Garden

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  1. Tubs says:

    Very clever with your imagination?

  2. gertie says:

    They are the old gloves that Dave the painter/decorator was using Tubs. I noticed them thrown down on the ground one evening, and they tickled my imagination so I took a photo there and then! Dave said the gloves didn’t like each other!! and so, yes, I wrote the rest from my imagination, :lol:

  3. cilla says:

    You really should put together a book of short stories Anne, the children (and adults) would love it. ☺

  4. So now we all know that the right hand knows what the left hand does and vice versa :lol: Loved it, Anne :good:

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