New Garden Pads.

New Garden Pads.

Foxley and Hedgeley, the Head Gardeners at the C.P.Pads Garden are very happy now that the Pads Garden has been redesigned and they have their own Pads on site.
“It makes our job so much easier,” said Hedgeley, who always knew it would.

This is Hedgeley’s Pad, where he can snuggle down under the blue covers after a hard day’s work in the Garden. He has named it Prickly Pad.

Hedgehog Teds living in the Pads Garden often visit Prickly Pad to offer help.

Foxley lives in the sunny Pad above Hedgeley, next door to the Lilac Pad where other Gardening Teds rest when they are tired. It’s very simple and comfy, and they can talk through the side windows to each other when they wish to.

The Green Teds in the Lilac Pad are very comfortable and happy there.

Underneath them is another Blue Pad, and this is a convenient resting place for all the garden workers whenever they need it.

Rafael Ted has put a bunch of bright flowers in there: red and yellow roses!

Some of the Teds want to make Name Plaques for their new Pads, and that will be a job to do in the coming months, when there is time before the Spring Planting gets underway.
Meanwhile Hedgeley has dreams of a Pot Garden  Hmmm?!

Anne ….. October 29th 2019.  [with a thank you to Cilla]

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  1. cilla says:

    Thanks for that Anne. It looks a lot more luxurious than my pad so I’m coming back as a bear at your place ;-) :-)

  2. Tubs says:

    They all look so happy.I cannot see photos on Firefox but can on Interenet explorer, have found that the web browser blocks them because there are secure bits of written word and insecure photos.

  3. gertie says:

    How complicated Tubs :bad:
    I send the stories in emails sometimes but often they are too big for that even!
    Thanks for looking anyway, and yes , they are happy Teds :good: :-) :rose:

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