Hallowe’en Portents.

Hallowe’en Portents.

Garden Teds were settling into their new Pads Garden and liking the fresh layout, with new raised beds and places to rest and play, when strange critters began to appear. From his perch high above the Polar Teds’ home, Nicholas Owl Ted watched the goings-on with fascination.

Below him he could see Hedgeley and Foxley admiring the Pumpkin which they had grown. On top of the Summerhouse next to them, and above them, a huge spider with a beautiful red body, was silently tucking into a dish of food left there.

Bertie Ted was chatting to the Monkey Teds, when Nicholas Owl whispered and pointed to a spot behind him. He turned to look behind him when suddenly there was a loud “Boo!”

Bertie Ted spun around in surprise and saw an orange critter, which looked like a pumpkin with big, green feet, standing in front of him! Bertie was too astonished to reply and could only sit and gape!

The beautiful red spider just carried on munching!

Over in the Walled Garden area Freddie Frog Ted also had a shock. A deep voice from outside the walls suddenly croaked a loud

As Freddie turned around, he nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw a giant frog with a gaping red mouth looming up, through the gap in the wall, onto the green grass just behind him.

Up on the Polar Teds’ roof, Monkey Ted and Hilary Ted were watching all that was going on below. They were jolly glad that they were able to stay high up where they felt safe to watch what was becoming a strange invasion!
They spotted weird and prettily-coloured jumping bods peering into the Greenhouse. Where had they come from?

More large spiders were running into the garden and clambering up towards the lights.

One was climbing up the side of the Polar Teds house getting closer and closer to where Hilary and Monkey were sitting … Ooer!

Two others were crawling around above the Gardening Teds’ Pads. This running about above their heads disturbed the Green Gardening Teds who were trying to rest!
“I’m scared,” whispered one, diving under the covers!

What was going on?

We know, don’t we Dear Readers? 

Anne ….. October End, 2019.

10 Responses

  1. cilla says:

    Blooming ‘eck, I love spiders but I would be scared of those monsters! I wouldn’t like to meet that frog either

  2. Tubs says:

    Like the green teds. The grass is it outside or artificial?

  3. gertie says:

    :-) It’s inside Tubs, and it’s real to the Teds [of course ;-) ] but is actually one of those sample pieces you sometimes see in big stores that sell paint & wood etc. I sometimes have the brass neck to ask for odd, old bits and sometimes I would buy a piece…depends :lol: :rose:

  4. gertie says:

    Thanks Tubs, :-) I look in Garden Centres and although I prefer real plants for GG, sometimes I see pretend tiny ones that are just the job for the Pads and save me from making everything! I love the tiny brickwork too :cute: miniature things fascinate me :rose:

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