Gertie’s Garden by November 2019.

Gertie’s Garden by November 2019.

There are still blue Geraniums on the Blue Hill and now pink ones are returning too!

Up in the wiggly Willow Clematis Montana thinks it’s already Spring.

Maureen Bandylegs goes from strength to strength.

Blue Campanula is gorgeous again, blooming around the garden.

This once bare corner is a mass of green and blooms in the sunshine.

Fuchsias are still dancing. Sadly some are afflicted again …

… with Fuchsia Gall Mite. I shall try again to eradicate it.

I have been waiting for these scarlet leaves and dark berries.

Freckles is back .

Yellow Centauria cineraria is re-blooming!

… so is the yellow Rose, and the Marigold …

This just carries on!

… and even pink Valerian is blooming again.

There are yet a few Blackberries left, and the Hydrangeas, although faded, blush prettily.

Despite increasing cold, I have seen big, furry Bumble Bees about.

Am belatedly planting Tulips, Narcissi and Muscari for Spring [if it happens] and so far have done about half the intended amount. I have left a space for an expected Red Hazel in the cleared hedgerow.*[ Must have a word with Allan about the intended Postal Strike ] When/if it dries a bit will get on with the high pathway around the back of Blue Hill. I have noticed that slim, green spears of Irises are already showing through the soil.

A week or so ago Dame de Court was beautiful, and there are more buds on both her and Peace.

It all seems a bit confused time-wise but it’s nevertheless quite exciting too.

Anne … November 8th 2019.

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  1. Tubs says:

    Your garden looks like spring., just been reading
    I am starting again with this fuchsia have 2 cuttings, had to get rid of old plant when changing front garden. Love Freckles will have to try one again in the spring.

  2. gertie says:

    Hmmm, doesn’t feel quite like Spring but I know what you mean Tubs and I think some of the plants are well confused :lol:
    Thank you for the link again, I reread it and can confirm its veracity! I cut down most of my infected bush last season and at that stage it hadn’t reached the adjacent bush. This year it has :angry: :disappointed: I always clean my tools and change my gloves and often clothing too after gardening in an attempt to not spread the mites and I have a bottle of Dettol spray permanently to hand as well as the tap and towel at the ready downstairs, but that mite is virtually full proof resistant. I may have to restart with Fuchsias altogether…after a season without too :disappointed: :rose:

  3. cilla says:

    Being enclosed in your micro climate certainly has its advantages Anne, it is all still looking lovely. So pleased Maureen has performed so well :-)

  4. gertie says:

    Hi Cilla :high-five: .yes I must be this tiny plot :-) and yes Maureen is glorious … thank you :dance: :lol: I hope she continues into next year :fingers-crossed: :rose: :rose:

  5. Still some lovely colour in your garden Anne, my garden is suffering with the wind& rain, but it does show promise of things to come, iris shoots plus a few small peony shoots :good:

  6. gertie says:

    Yes Lynn :-) I hadn’t realised that the irises would start showing already, but they are. I need to get the rest of my daffs and tulips in, but it’s so wet out there!! You must suffer a bit from being so out in the open, but then again, all that sun, air and space! Your garden is so lovely and loved. :rose:

  7. Len says:

    very nice anne. wish my garden was the same

  8. gertie says:

    Oh, thanks Len, but I bet you have as many pretty spaces and happy plants :good: and if you photograph them as they catch your eye, you’d be surprised at how much really is there. :rose: I have a lots to do before Winter arrives but it’s too wet and muddy for me at the moment.!! :rose:

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