Hallowe’en Night.

Hallowe’en Night.

As the sky darkened, odd critters and strange pumpkins danced and glowed around the Pads Garden. Some kept changing colours too. It would have been quite pretty if it had not been so weird and scary.
Big Spiders remained hanging about and looked threatening.

The Polar Teds stayed inside their cold Polar Glasshouse and stared out rather fearfully at the ‘goings-on’.

Big Monkey Ted clung firmly up on their roof, watching the glowing and dancing of the strange intruders. He felt a little safer up there.

A huge Rat skulked in a corner, looking as if he would jump out and pounce, at any moment, onto the nearest unfortunate Ted!

It was useless to try to hide behind the greenhouse!

You could see right through it!

Over by the Walled garden there were giant frogs!

They shone in the light of lanterns, and glowing-on-and-off magical Pumpkins! Fluffy Ted, a Pads Newcomer, was trapped behind the garden wall, hoping that the frogs wouldn’t jump on him!

It was all very scary! As the big garden light came on again, [it was clicking on and off too, joining in just for fun!] Foxley whispered to one of the biggest Pumpkins.

“What does he say?” asked Boots Ted, the dog, who was watching.
“The Pumpkins are partying with us to celebrate the new Pads Garden!” said Foxley, grinning. “The Witches and Ghosts are staying in their Pad and having their own party this year.”

And so they were! The Little Witches were enjoying them selves.
They made Knitwitch jump!

….. BEHIND YOU! ….. BOO!

Even Spiderknit jumped with Knitwitch!

The Old Grey Witch just cackled, a big grin on her orange face.

The partying went on all night long

When the sun rose in the morning, all was calm and sleepy in the Pads Garden. Only Frog Teds remained, the big, scary ones had disappeared with the Spiders and Pumpkins: all, except the beautiful Ruby Spider who liked the garden so much that she asked if she could stay; and even an exhausted Big Monkey Ted said, ”Yes!”

In the early morning mist, Owl Ted, his eyes dazzled by the bright Dawn light, stayed awake only long enough to say “Toodle-whoo!” then went to sleep on his perch above the Polar Teds’ Glasshouse.

Anne ….. November 201

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  1. cilla says:

    Goodness me I should think they are all exhausted after that…..and I shan’t get to sleep tonght ;-)

  2. gertie says:

    :lol: Ye daft besom Cilla ;-) : , but thanks for reading and commenting :rose: :rose:

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