The Idea.

The Idea.

“I had it in the Kitchen!” said Aimee Ted, “But it’s not in my head now!” Aimee was standing befuddled, in her Pad. “What did you have?” asked Cossette. “An idea!” said Aimee.

“Go back to the Kitchen!” said Cossette Ted, “you probably left it there!”

Aimee Ted went back to the Kitchen and; “Ah I have found it! It stayed in here!” she said.
It was sitting on the top of the kitchen cupboards. “It was a good idea.” Said Aimee, smiling.
“Really?” meowed Cat!

Aimee Ted collected the idea and went back to her Pad with it, but on the way, it slipped away from her and shot back to the Kitchen, or so she thought! Cat thought he felt it whizz past!

“Oh dear; it was such a good idea too;” said Aimee, crestfallen.

Kieran came running along from the Kitchen, puffing and panting with excitement.
“When I was in the Kitchen, this super idea came to me!” he shouted.

Anne … November 2019.

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  1. Tubs says:

    Very apt I had an idea and then it rained!!! Have to laugh,!!

  2. Come on, Anne – you have to finish this story :lol:

    • gertie says:

      :lol: It happened to me just as it happened to Aimee last week, and as far as I can tell, the idea is still in the kitchen!
      When it comes to me or Kieran, then I’ll go on with the story.
      Now were I in school, I think I should get the children to write a suitable conclusion Jane ;-) ;-) :rose:

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