The Idea, part Two.

The Idea, part Two.

Kieron Ted brought the idea with him to Cossette and Aimée.

Aimée had a comfy, yellow bag that Lynnette Ted had given her. “Here, tuck up Idea in here,” said Aimée to Kieron.

Aimée was very pleased to have her idea back. She tucked it up inside the yellow bag. “You’re a good idea.” She said to the idea. I can now tell Cossette all about you: come and meet her. Cossette likes good ideas. She wouldn’t let you slip away like I did. Cossette is smart.”

Idea liked the thought of being with a smart Ted, so it waited patiently, until Cossette returned from saying “Thanks!” and “Bye!” to Lynnette, over a cup of tea in the kitchen.

Aimée told Cossette all about the idea.

Idea then became Cossette’s Idea as well. It felt smart and very pleased.

“Right!” said Cossette to the idea, “So what is this all about?”

“I have no idea,” said Idea. “Ask Aimée!”

Anne November 2019.

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