Festive Music With Walt

I am delighted to announce that our own Mr Music Man, Walt, has kindly agreed to run the Festive Music Requests again this year. We all really enjoy the fun and all the different musical requests that Clickers come up with, so thank you Walt.

It can be any kind of music you want, as long as it has a seasonal theme.So get those requests in everyone and many thanks again to Walt for running it for us again this year.

As usual, Walt has complete autonomy, he can ignore, add or carry forward as many requests as he wants from day to day. Over to you Maestro.

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  1. VegVamp says:

    I’m sneaking in one already as I was listening to an Enya song the other day, and had forgotten what a beautifully haunting voice she has. May I have ENYA -The Spirit of Christmas Past please Walt?

  2. gertie says:

    THANK YOU Karen, and Walt :love: :clover: :love: :walt: :rose:

  3. Oh, brilliant, Walt :kissme: This a new one for me but it certainly got my feet tapping! I’d like to request HELEN LOVE – Hark The Herald Angels, please :fairysaysouch:

  4. VegVamp says:

    Morning all, could I have John Lennon’s “So this is Christmas” please Walt, feeling a tad pensive this morning. :clover:

  5. Good morning, Walt! A little jazz, if you wouldn’t mind, with Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings – Ain’t No Chimneys In The Projects :fairysaysouch:

  6. gertie says:

    Please Maestro, a really good version of “Three Kings from Persian lands afar…” :kissme: :walt: :rose:

  7. gertie says:

    Thanks Walt … lovely visuals too :love: :walt: :rose:

  8. VegVamp says:

    Goodness no requests in yet today! Can’t have that. ;-) May I have Loreena McKennitt singing God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen please Walt. Or anything else you fancy from her, she has a wonderful voice. :rose:

  9. A soothing Sunday song, please, Walt :kissme: Gift X-Change by Calexico would be a good choice.

  10. VegVamp says:

    Little Tree by Eric Whitacre for me this morning please Walt.

  11. Len says:

    all i want for christmas is you. thank you.

  12. Morning, Walt :-) Another Helen Love song, please. This one was released for a very good cause: Helen Love & Friends – The Townhall Band :fairysaysouch:

  13. VegVamp says:

    The Pogues “A Fairy tale of New York” please Walt, Xmas isn’t Xmas without it. ;-) :good:

  14. Morning, Walt :-) The Kinks, Father Christmas, please, to wake us all up on this frosty morning :fairysaysouch:

  15. cilla says:

    Morning Walt. My choices are never festive, as you know, so could I have Lark Ascending please because I just love it, it gives us a taste of summer amidst all this gloom and you always find such beautiful videos….thank you :rose:

  16. VegVamp says:

    Coventry Carol by Pentatonix please for me today Walt, and with special thanks to Jane for introducing me to this great group. :good:

  17. cilla says:

    Could I please have Benedictus from The Armed Man by Karl Jenkins, Walt.

  18. cilla says:

    Good morning Walt. It wouldn’t be the festive season without Aled Jones and The Snowman, please.

  19. Morning Walt :-) Need something jolly and foot-tapping this morning to avoid that December 12th feeling ;-) How about The Beach Boys – Little Saint Nick, please :oldnosey:

  20. VegVamp says:

    Loving all the music choices. :good: Alison Krauss with Yo-Yo Ma – The Wexford Carol for me today please Walt. :rose:

  21. cilla says:

    That was beautiful Karen and Walt, very haunting. I wonder if it was written in Wexford?

  22. cilla says:

    That last carol took me right back to Ireland. I know it isn’t Christmassy but I would really love to see a bit of Riverdance if you could fine some please Walt.

  23. gertie says:

    That Riverdance is STILL GREAT :lol: :dance: :clover: :walt: :rose:

  24. Good morning, Walt :-) For one time only, today being December 12 (enough said), please play It’s Cliched to be Cynical at Christmas by Half Man Half Biscuit.
    Merci :fairysaysouch:

  25. gertie says:

    Crumbs Jane…rather fits the times this year don’t it! :-( :lol: :rose:

  26. VegVamp says:

    I think we all need some cheering up today – I know I do. So please Mr Music Man may I have The Silent Monks perform the “Hallelujah Chorus”.

  27. gertie says:

    Oh yes :lol: It’s hilarious every time … love it…thanks Karen and Walt :walt: :rose: :walt: :rose: :clover: :rose:

  28. Morning Walt :kissme: It’s not a :fairysaysouch: song but the music has a really hopeful beat and I really need it today, pretty please. Could you find the live version of “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John for me? Merci :kissme:

  29. VegVamp says:

    Morning Mr Music, May I have John Lennon and Merry Christmas, war is over, this morning please. :rose:

  30. Morning Walt :fairysaysouch: Something bright and cheery for a sunny Sunday, please. Howz about: Louis Armstrong and ‘Zat You, Santa Claus? :haveyoubeengood?:

  31. VegVamp says:

    Ella Fitzgerald’s version of Santa Claus Is Coming to Town for me this morning please Walt, Jane put me on a Jazz & blues roll. :lol:

  32. gertie says:

    O yes … those last two with accompanying cartoon for Louis…super :good: :dance: :lol: Thank you :haveyoubeengood?: :rose: :rose: :rose:

  33. Morning Walt :fairysaysouch: Please play Steeleye Span – The Boar’s head Carol. Maddy Prior’s voice is to die for!! :fairysaysouch:

  34. VegVamp says:

    Jane choosing Maddy Prior reminded me of their wonderful version of Gaudete, but I tripped over an unaccompanied version by the King Singers recently which is brilliant. So The King’s Singers with Gaudete for me today please Walt. :rose:

  35. cilla says:

    I’d forgotten this song Karen but it is lovely :rose:

  36. gertie says:

    heehawheehee :lol: :haveyoubeengood?: :fairysaysouch:
    buonanotte Walt :walt: :rose: :rose:

  37. Morning Walt :fairysaysouch: A bit of a different version this, please: Straight No Chaser – The 12 Days of Christmas :kissme:

  38. gertie says:

    That was brilliant :lol: :lol: thanks Jane and Walt … loved it :good: :-) :kissme: :oldnosey: :fairysaysouch: :walt: :rose:

  39. VegVamp says:

    Morning Mr Music, Please may I have “Boney M’s – Little Drummer Boy” this morning. :rose:

  40. Morning Walt :fairysaysouch: Deck the Halls With Lots of Banjos, please, for me and for Karen for one night only :lol: :oldnosey:

  41. Morning Walt :-) The weekend is on the way and some clickers will want to get into the party mood! So, today I suggest Bob Dylan – Must Be Santa, please :haveyoubeengood?: :oldnosey:

  42. Morning Walt :fairysaysouch: Please play this traditional version of the song: Maddy Prior and Steeleye Span – The Holly and The Ivy. Many thanks :kissme:

  43. Morning Walt :kissme: An absolute must for today, 21 December, as we have the longest night ahead. Solstice is at 04.19, 22 December :walt:
    Jethro Tull – Ring Out Solstice Bells 1976 :fairysaysouch: :oldnosey: :kissme:

  44. VegVamp says:

    Morning Walt, may I haveThe Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Christmas Eve / Sarajevo this morning please. I’m loving all the different music choices, though Jane and I seem to be doing most of the requests. ;-)

  45. cilla says:

    Morning Walt. After watching a documentary on Freddie Mercury last night, could I have Bohemian Rhapsody please?

  46. Allan says:

    Looking through a cupboard of all my old receipts,I found the first record I ever bought in the 50s, It’s a 45 and I have no means of playing it now,, It’s ,Caterina Valenta singing The breeze and I, I bet its dated now,

  47. Afternoon Walt :fairysaysouch: An untypical sound. Please play Yellow Man – African Christmas :kissme:

  48. cilla says:

    Good evening Walt. While driving to Calke this morning this came on Classic FM. …..What Sweeter Music by John Rutter sung by Kings College, Cambridge, please :-)

  49. VegVamp says:

    Good morning Mr Music, :walt: For unto us a child is born, from Handel’s Messiah, for me today please Walt, any version you like. :rose:

  50. Morning Walt :fairysaysouch: Please can I have Winter Song by Lindisfarne today. Many thanks :kissme:

  51. Morning Walt :fairysaysouch: This will be my last choice, thank you. Please play O Holy Night by Celtic/Classical Trio and I wish you a very happy Christmas :kissme:

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