La Route: Chapter Four. BlaBlaRoute

La Route: Chapter Four.

The route from Orleans to the south started with the appearance of the BlaBlaBus.
From then onwards there were big skies and fabulous clouds … ‘
… ‘A rabbit chasing a swordfish!’

… Beautiful light and colours … rain over the hilltops …

… I could see fat caterpillars advancing towards each other here!

…..then leaving behind windy clouds …..

…and after the rain; sunshine and shadows

I always love the trees even though at the same time, I pity their mutilation.

Some still retained rich, autumnal colours.

Those in town or village squares however, were very sad in approaching Winter.

What I most remember are the fabulous big skies,  …..

… Some filled with scurrying furry or feathered flying critters!

… and the BlaBlaBus, back in Orleans 

Anne … December 2019.

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  1. cilla says:

    Lovely trees and skies Anne. I’ve only been to France once but the tree lined roads are so distinctive. :-)

  2. Love the name BlaBlaBus :lol: But I’m not sure how it should sound in French! :confused:

  3. gertie says:

    Blah Blah Boos [soft ‘S’ not sure how to write that in English :lol: :dunno: Jane, ] instead of bus, as in us!! :lol: :confused: :rose: Hmmm … that’s tricky!!! :lol: :rose:

  4. shedsue says:

    Blah blah buuus …love it :good:

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