A Walk around the Lake Park.

A Walk around the Lake Park.

My friend, Maria, came along too, and we passed another friend, Aynsley, chatting with a neighbour. Before we reached the park just look at this Home Entrance, all ready for a sunny coffee and chat!

We donned our shades as we walked towards more sunshine and shadows.

Then my camera spotted birds ….. and a pair of swans circling the lake.

A perfect landing, but not to stay for long …

… They were soon shooed away again, by other swans.

Canada geese took little notice as the ousted swans flew once more over the lake and round through the trees to find a home somewhere else.

A little group of Mallards on the bank and a Magpie in the bushes carried on serenely minding their own business …

… the Magpie, spreading its feathers in the afternoon sunshine.

It was an interesting walk. Dom caught up with us in time to see the swans and we all walked back home together, passing bark and berries on the way.

Anne ….. February 7th, 2020

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  1. cilla says:

    Another lovely blue sky walk Anne. Love those flying swans :-)

  2. Tubs says:

    Lovely photos, what about Feb competition?

  3. Gorgeous swans in flight, Anne :good: And a totally lovely walk :-)

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