Lucky goes to Jamaica with Maria and Bobs.

Lucky goes to Jamaica with Maria and Bobs.

Lucky Lucky Ted is in Jamaica.  There, flowers are amazing in the sunshine.

It took over nine hours to reach Jamaica by aeroplane …..

… but once there it wasn’t long before they were up at Dawn and on the beach in the bright sunshine!

Nor was it long before they were meeting local friends and sampling fresh coconut drinks straight from the shells!

“That’s one of the lazy local cats!” said Lucky, pointing to an idle creature lounging in the shade under the Hibiscus bushes.

Lucky Ted was happy to sit and view the beach and the indolent cats from the safety of Maria’s Crocs

He liked sitting on the post in front of their flats too; he felt safe high up there on the clean, white top …..

… but he didn’t like being with some weird heads! They made him feel very nervous!

Outside, surrounded by beautiful blooms was the best place to be, and this was Lucky’s favourite, high up in the Blue. 

End of part one of ‘Lucky goes to Jamaica with Maria and Bobs.’
Thank you Maria and Bobs for the photos.
February 23rd, 2020

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  1. VegVamp says:

    What a lovely sunny, colourful, flowery start to my day, thank you Anne.

  2. cilla says:

    Yes indeed Anne. How fabulous is that……lucky Lucky Ted :-) :-)

  3. Is that a blue sky I see before me? ️ How lucky is Lucky! :lol:

  4. gertie says:

    Mind you Folks, it did rain during the afternoon of the day after which these pics were taken, so we are not alone :excruciating: :lol: :rose:

  5. gertie says:

    :lol: Oh dear Karen…you are right of course :disappointed: I hope Andy will be managing his long, daily haul okay. He has sympathies from Dom and I, and as Dom said, we haven’t heard much about Northern Ireland on the weather news but as we know from GC, it’s as bad , if not worse , than many areas this side of the Irish Sea. Have a snuggly evening :love: :clover: :rose:

  6. gertie says:

    Have a lovely evening Karen :-) :love: :clover: :rose:

  7. gertie says:

    Lucky Lucky is still stuck on a Caribbean Holiday and we are two months on!! :lol: :rose:

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