Lucky Ted in Jamaica., Part two.

Lucky Ted in Jamaica.

Each day a new Cruise Ship comes to Ocho Rios. Lucky Ted watches them all.

Maria says … ‘it’s pouring at the minute we’re having brunch watching the poor tourists from the cruise going to town + getting soaked.’

‘Lucky, he is very happy, watching everything and everyone, for pictures he likes to pose and smiles.’ … Here is Lucky with Tuesday’s sand sculpture; made a few days ago …

… and later, Lucky posed … ‘With the shell s collected by a lady from Canada, this morning. ’

‘The cruise ships come to OCHO RIOS just one day; people go and visit different Touristy areas 8,9am to 5pm , and the boat moves on .’.

‘Today’s cruise coming in from Florida ( they say).’
Maria says , ‘Fully parked up and everyone expected to get off about 9am ? …
This is Bob’s report to our families
news flash. The town is primed ready for a shipload of tourists. But no one has come off. Why? Quarantine we think. It has just come in from Miami.’

Lucky Ted was sad for the people who couldn’t leave the ship. He loved the beach and the flowers and finding fruits to eat around the town. He loved watching the cruise liners. They were enormous and all differently dressed.

He sat and waved until the disappearing ship that could not stay because of quarantine, faded away into the distant sea.

Anne … February 27th 2020 …. Pictures and some commentary supplied by Maria and Bobs.

Next time:- Lucky Ted and The Turtles. 

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  1. cilla says:

    Lovely blue skies but I’ve never understood how being on a huge ship with thousands of people could constitute a pleasant holiday :confused:

  2. gertie says:

    I totally agree with you Cilla … it has never ever appealed to me :confused: :rose:

  3. Loved the sand sculptures, Anne! Well done to Ted for spotting them :lol:

  4. gertie says:

    :-) :good: They look like Rasta portraits to me Jane … all those ‘dreads’ :lol: :rose:

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